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2021 Civic Type-R Grey

The 2021 Civic Type R: Always at the Top


The 2021 Honda Civic Type Rcertainly stands out from its competitors. If you're on the fence about which car to buy, this blog will guide you towards the right decision. And once you're sure that you are willing to purchase one, simply visitLombardi Honda Montreal.

Lombardi Honda dealer is waiting for you to hand over the keys. Buckle up, get comfortable, and enjoy the experience that this wonder of the automobile world has to offer.

Despite the long-awaited return of the Acura Integra A-Spec to North America after a 20-year absence, it would be, although reasonable at first sight, very unwise to take an interest in it.

A superior and distinguished look

A huge spoiler at the rear of the vehicle really makes you feel like you're driving a race car. Especially since the Integra has only two small air intakes at the front, the Civic has two at the front and two at the rear, which are slightly larger.

The A-Spec is mostly modeled after the Civic Touring, which is not the case for the Type R. Whether it's the red calipers, the black and red trim on the bottom of the car or the three exhaust pipes, the exterior design is definitely more distinguished than that of the Integra.

The interior of the car is just like its body: bold and sporty. For starters, the red and black sport seats, which are as comfortable as they are practical, are entirely different from those you'd find in other Civic models.

The interior is a fantastic mix of alcantara and red stitching highlighting each component individually. In short, it's a unique design and feel that you won't find in the Integra A-Spec.

According to Doug DeMuro, a leading authority on car reviews,

it has a better interior than the Ford Focus RS and the Subaru WRX STI. You know you're sitting in a car that's not a standard Civic. I really like that1."

Interesting new features in 2023

Although the specifications of the new Type R are not yet public, some information is available2. In particular, the new version will be the most powerful and its chassis will be based on the 11th generation Civic.

Its base price will be around $40,000, a little more expensive than the Integra. The Civic will also feature a redesigned version of the 2021 turbo engine. It will only be sold with the hatchback and will have a 9-inch central touchscreen.

However, we can expect fantastic engineering, just like the 2021 model. Germain Goyer, of the Car Guide website, was impressed with the previous version:

"Under the hood, the engineers have done a job that's almost a miracle. Indeed, it features a 2.0 turbocharged four-cylinder engine that develops an impressive 306 hp and 295 lb-ft of torque. The more you drive it, the more you recognize the great qualities of Honda as an engine manufacturer3."

A sensational driving experience

Its driving experience is as magical as its appearance. Despite its front-wheel drive and enormous power, you won't feel any torque understeer.

"Its handling is better than any front-wheel drive car. It's really very solid."
said Doug DeMuro while driving it. As for the brakes,

We like the precision of the steering and the efficiency of the whole braking system4",
explains Germain Goyer.


If you're looking for an affordable sports car, the choice is obvious: the Civic Type R is perfect for you. All you have to do is head towards
Lombardi Honda Montreal, located near the North Shore and the South Shore, to get your own!

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