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Honda Promotion: Pre-Owned Vehicles Are Waiting for You!
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Honda Promotion: Pre-Owned Vehicles Are Waiting for You! The year 2021 is making a big entrance as we have all been waiting for this exciting moment to start the new year under a lucky star. Your Honda dealership in Montreal invites you to celebrate with them by taking advantage of special promotions. Many deals await you at our dealership, whether it’s on new 2021 Honda cars or on...

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A Great Selection of Pre-Owned Vehicles in Montreal
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A Great Selection of Pre-Owned Vehicles in Montreal Usually, car dealerships sell both new vehicles and pre-owned vehicles. But have you ever taken the time to pay a visit to Lombardi Honda in Montreal, near Laval, Repentigny and Longueuil to notice its vast inventory of certified Honda pre-owned cars? The detour is worth the while, because at Lombardi Honda, we like to do things big. Thus,...

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Green Vehicles: Reducing CO2 Emissions at Honda
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Environmental issues have never been more interesting, as national and international forums are so numerous, not only in Quebec and Canada but also globally. If each of these questions challenges us, they also ask us to take concrete action and behave in a more eco-responsible way. Honda Canada continues to step up its actions in this direction and is trying to fight in its own way to reduce...

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Lombardi - Your Eco-Friendly Honda Dealership of Choice
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Sustainable development is not a trend. It has become a must to fight against greenhouse gas emissions and reduce our carbon footprint. Honda is constantly innovating in terms of sustainable development. Recently, the Japanese manufacturer launched a leadership program in Canada to recognize the eco-friendliest dealerships. With its new facilities, Lombardi Honda in Montreal, near the North...

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Lombardi Honda gets a new look!
lombardi honda nouveau concessionnaire en blogue

Lombardi Honda: A Legendary Honda Dealership in a Unique and Gigantic Space in Montreal   Near the North Shore and the South Shore of Montreal, on a busy road with excellent visibility, Lombardi Honda has a completely new look and welcomes you in a gigantic showroom, now. Yes, it's 22 degrees indoors all year round, since your Honda Montreal dealership now has a three-story interior with...

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The renovations are done
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Your Lombardi Honda dealer gets a makeover and goes all out to always serve you better!
lombardi honda concessionnaire fait peau neuve en

    Your Lombardi Honda dealer gets a makeover and goes all out to always serve you better!   To better serve its customers, the Lombardi Honda dealership in Saint-Leonard is growing, and they don’t take short cuts. They are building a new three-floor structure with a glass facade, futuristic design and ultramodern showroom with only one goal in mind - offering the best possible...

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Tire appointment
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WARNING! Please, note this information! Lombardi Honda

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Lombardi multipoint inspection
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What Would a Parent Do for His Child? At Lombardi Honda, we treat our vehicles much like our children. We take good care of them, and when a potential buyer shows up, we know that it is time to let go and entrust our loved ones to their future owners. Regardless of the distance between a child and his parents, parents will always love him and be there for him. What would a parent do for his child?...

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Lombardi Honda since 1973...One of the first Honda Dealer in Quebec.

Lombardi Honda since 1973...One of the first Honda Dealer in Quebec. Did you know that Lombardi Honda is one of the first Honda Franchise in Quebec. Lombardi Honda

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Engagement environnement
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Lombardi Honda OUR COMMITMENT TO THE ENVIRONMENT IS NOT LIMITED TO AUTOMOBILES   Comme dit le vieil adage : « Certains aiment parler, mais ils ne joignent pas le geste à la parole ». Il suffit d'une visite au campus Honda de Markham, en Ontario, pour réaliser la grande importance qu'accorde Honda au respect et à la protection de l'environnement...

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