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The 2019 Pilot: The Polyvalent SUV You Need!
lombardi honda pilot 2019 en

Your family is growing and you’re feeling more and more the need for a more spacious vehicle to fit all your loved ones and with enough cargo spaces to take all the stuff you need during your family trips. The Japanese manufacturer understands perfectly the trends that more families are experiencing, and it designed an intermediate SUV for long family hikes. A Polyvalent SUV Lombardi, your...

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The 2018 Honda Pilot: A Choice You Won't Regret!
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The 2018 Honda Pilot: A Choice You Won’t Regret!   The SUV market has considerably evolved in the last years, and consumers now find themselves with the problem of being spoilt for choice. Granted, there are worse problems, but how to be sure to make a choice you won’t regret later on? When in doubt, trust a brand and a car dealer worthy of it. Ask to see and try the 2018 Honda...

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The 2018 Honda Pilot: the right choice for the whole family
lombardi honda pilot 2018 specs en

  The 2018 Honda Pilot: the right choice for the whole family   When it comes to choose a family car, the large number of “stakeholders” has been forcing many consumers to compromise for too long. The SUV market considerably evolved in the last years, and the same consumers can now find themselves facing the opposite problem: being spoilt for choice! When in doubt, trust a...

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2017 Honda Pilot specs extra

Honda Technology: Cross Traffic Monitor   The Cross Traffic Monitor system is incredibly convenient when backing out of parking spaces with an obstructed view, such as at a shopping centre. The system will alert the driver if another vehicle is approaching while they are reversing.   Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) with Low Speed Follow   The radar-based system is engineered...

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Le tout nouveau Honda Pilot 2016
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Le tout nouveau Honda Pilot 2016 Le tout nouveau Honda Pilot 2016 adapté aux routes du Québec Le Honda Pilot 2016 entièrement redessiné vous offre suffisamment d'espace pour accomoder huit passagers.   Familles, découvrez le tout nouveau Pilot 2016. Il s’agit du Pilot le plus évolué de sa catégorie à ce jour. Maintenant...

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Le tout nouveau Honda Pilot 2016 en a beaucoup à offrir!

The all-new 2016 Honda Pilot has a lot to offer!   Introducing the new 2016 Honda Pilot, now on sale at your Lombardi Honda dealership in Montreal, near Laval and the North Shore. And what features it offers buyers, starting with Earth Dreams technology, navigation and a rear entertainment system in addition to its 8 seats! Let's see all this in more detail. Look great at the wheel...

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2015 Honda Pilot vs 2016 Honda Pilot
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Lombardi Honda 2015 Honda Pilot vs 2016 Honda Pilot 2016 Honda Pilot 2015 Honda Pilot 3.5L V-6 Engine 3.5L V-6 5-Speed Automatic Transmission 6-Speed, 9-Speed Automatic ~4,937 mm Length 4861 mm 2016 Honda Pilot Montréal ( Lombardi Honda )   When Honda Canada puts one of its vehicles through a major redesign...

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