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More Honda Electric Vehicles in Montreal
lombardi honda vehicules electriques montreal en

  Trends in plug-in and all-electric hybrid vehicles continue to be a reality in the Quebec automotive market. Honda electric vehicles are part of this movement and the Japanese manufacturer is going further by promising new vehicles with electric motors.   Lombardi Honda, the exclusive dealer in the Greater Montreal area, near the North and South Shores, follows the latest trends in...

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The new 2019 Insight.
lombardi honda insight 2019 specs en

The new 2019 Honda Insight   In the years to come, car manufacturers will ramp up their efforts to propose more innovative, better performing and “greener” cars. Honda is one of the main players in this arena and unveiled just a few weeks ago the 2019 Honda Insight at the North American Auto Show. Lombardi Honda, your Honda car dealer from Montreal, near both the North and the...

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The 2018 Honda Clarity: the choice of visionaries
lombardi honda clarity 2018 specs en

The 2018 Honda Clarity: the choice of visionaries     Are you among the people confidently turned toward the future, and that embrace positive changes and adapt to them as soon as they become available? If it’s the case and you own a car (or are considering purchasing one in the near future), it’s better be the 2018 Honda Clarity. You don’t know this model or the reason...

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The 2018 Honda Clarity: It Makes You Want to Go Green
lombardi honda clarity 2018 revisitee en 1  1

The 2018 Honda Clarity: It Makes You Want to Go Green     You are keeping a close look on what is being made in the field of hybrid/electric cars, yet not sure you want to make the jump? You are comfortable enough with the concept, but you still have not seen anything that you like and that suits your needs on the market? Look again: the Honda Clarity 2018 will soon be available in Canada...

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Clarity Plug-in Hybrid specs
lombardi honda clarity 2017 specs en

        2017 HONDA CLARITY FUEL CELL – OUR HISTORY OF RETHINKING FUEL The hydrogen-powered, zero emission Clarity Fuel Cell isn’t our first foray into alternative fuel sources. We’ve been creating trailblazing, alt fuel vehicles for over two decades.     2017 HONDA CLARITY FUEL CELL – GOOD TIMES BEHIND THE WHEEL The Clarity...

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2017 Accord Hybrid specs
lombardi honda accord hybride 2017 specs en

Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) with Low Speed Follow The radar-based system is engineered to keep a set speed and a set interval from a vehicle detected directly in front of you, and is designed to even bring the vehicle to a complete, full stop in traffic Forward Collision Warning (FCW) When the  Accord is travelling faster than 20 kilometres per hour, Forward Collision Warning...

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The Honda Clarity fuel Cell
clarity 1  1  1  2  1  2  1  1  1  1  1  1

A BRAND NEW HYDROGEN HONDA IN 2018: THE HONDA CLARITY FUEL CELL   Japanese people have such a pioneering spirit! The Japanese manufacturer will surpass all competition with its new Honda Clarity PHEV. Why? Because of its audacity and its ability to meet the needs of customers, as simple as this. Based on the specifications broadcast in Japan, The Honda Clarity Fuel Cell, or Honda Clarity PHEV,...

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