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There are an increasing number of SUVs on the market, and it's not always easy to make the right choice because there are so many models to choose from. You have to look for the best deals if you want to get the best value for your money. When considering the compact SUV segment, one would be led to believe that the Honda CR-V and the Hyundai Tucson are equivalent and that there are no...

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Sustainable development is not a trend. It has become a must to fight against greenhouse gas emissions and reduce our carbon footprint. Honda is constantly innovating in terms of sustainable development. Recently, the Japanese manufacturer launched a leadership program in Canada to recognize the eco-friendliest dealerships. With its new facilities, Lombardi Honda in Montreal, near the North...

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  There’s a good reason we’re still seeing so many Honda Civics on the road. It is the best-selling car in Canada over the last 20 years, due to its growing reputation for reliability and durability. That's why Protégez-Vous magazine gave it a score of 5 out of 5 when evaluating used cars, first in April 2016 and again in 2019.    Lombardi Honda, an outstanding...

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lombardi honda comparaison civic corolla fr en 1
  For many years now, the two Japanese compacts have been having quite the ferocious battle on the automobile market, and regarding this, which should we choose between the 2019 Honda Civic or the 2019 Toyota Corolla? Such is the question that we will debate in this article.    For many years, Lombardi Honda, the dealership located in Montreal near the North and South Shores, fully...

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  Trends in plug-in and all-electric hybrid vehicles continue to be a reality in the Quebec automotive market. Honda electric vehicles are part of this movement and the Japanese manufacturer is going further by promising new vehicles with electric motors.   Lombardi Honda, the exclusive dealer in the Greater Montreal area, near the North and South Shores, follows the latest trends in...

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lombardi honda comparaison cr v rav4 en
          A Comparison of Two SUV Models, One Winner: Honda CR-V Both Japanese manufacturers know how to impress when it comes to sport utility vehicles. However, there is a difference between Honda and Toyota. Toyota's RAV4 has a distinctive style and offers a pleasant driving experience. On the other hand, Honda's CR-V, with its all-wheel drive, remains much...

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Japanese manufacturers often compete for first place in the mid-size car category. Indeed, the Honda Accord and Toyota Camry are both very good vehicles that last very long time. They have an excellent resale value and are very reliable cars. But what differentiates the 2019 Honda Accord from the 2019 Toyota Camry? While it takes a lot of information to make a wise choice, the 2019 Honda Accord...

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Lombardi Honda: an Exceptional Service The quality of the service we have been offering our customers for more than 45 years is not just about selling or renting vehicles. It is also and above all a team of experienced technicians who ensure that you and your vehicle receive the very best. At Lombardi, your Honda Montreal dealer, near the North Shore and the South Shore of Montreal, our primary...

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Your family is growing and you’re feeling more and more the need for a more spacious vehicle to fit all your loved ones and with enough cargo spaces to take all the stuff you need during your family trips. The Japanese manufacturer understands perfectly the trends that more families are experiencing, and it designed an intermediate SUV for long family hikes. A Polyvalent SUV Lombardi, your...

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lombardi honda electrique en
By reading the title of this article, one could think that we will immediately jump in on the presentation of the all-new 100% electric Honda model that will officially enter the Geneva Auto Show in a few days. In order to make you languish a bit more, your dealer par excellence for more than 40 years in Montreal, near the South Shore and the North Shore, Lombardi Honda, in its brand new three-storey...

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lombardi honda accord 2019 intelligente en
  In 2018, the Honda Accord won several prizes, including the “Car of the Year” award given by the specialized press, something to be proud of. In 2019, when we think that the sedan market is over, the Honda Accord is alive and kicking to indicate it will be there for a long time. Its specs sheet is excellent. At Lombardi Honda, your legendary dealer for more than 40 years...

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lombardi honda nouveau concessionnaire en blogue
Lombardi Honda: A Legendary Honda Dealership in a Unique and Gigantic Space in Montreal   Near the North Shore and the South Shore of Montreal, on a busy road with excellent visibility, Lombardi Honda has a completely new look and welcomes you in a gigantic showroom, now. Yes, it's 22 degrees indoors all year round, since your Honda Montreal dealership now has a three-story interior with...

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lombardi honda cr v 2019 spectaculaire en
Lombardi Honda, your Honda car dealer of Montreal, is proud to present you with its most spectacular sports SUV on the market. This utility that comes in five versions (Honda CR-V LX-2WD, Honda CR-V LX, Honda CR-V EX, Honda CR-V EX-L and Honda CR-V Touring) has indeed a sporty and athletic design. Its innovative technologies and its performance on the road make it a vehicle that will give you beautiful...

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lombardi honda passport 2019 specs en
The 2019 Honda Passport: A Well-Timed Comeback   If the people who follow the car market with a little more attention than the average person were asked about it, they’d admit that it has been far from exciting in recent years. Car manufacturers avoid taking risks that could make them lose the favor of their customers and thus deliver slight variations of their most popular models year...

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The 2019 Honda HR-V: An Urban Crossover That Won’t Go Unnoticed   Nowadays, the vast majority car manufacturers offer several SUVs, but they’re not all able to pull the perfect mix between size, features and power. For picky customers like you that only want the best, one particular model comes to mind: the 2019 Honda HR-V. Even if it won’t be available for a couple of months,...

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Prepare Your Vehicle for the Winter   It's almost there: the nice weather and the festivals will soon go away and be replaced by colder temperatures, winter clothing, and snowy roads. So it's time to check your home's insulation, dust off your winter shoes and boots... and prepare your Honda for the harsh temperature that is coming. Lombardi Honda, your Montreal car dealer located...

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  The 2019 Honda Civic: A Model That We Can’t Get Enough Of   What should a car manufacturer do to renew a model that has been at the top of the continent's best-selling vehicles for 20 years? That's the big challenge Honda faces year after year with the legendary Civic, and for the 2019 edition of this model, they've taken a very smart approach, which is not change the...

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The 2018 Honda Pilot: A Choice You Won’t Regret!   The SUV market has considerably evolved in the last years, and consumers now find themselves with the problem of being spoilt for choice. Granted, there are worse problems, but how to be sure to make a choice you won’t regret later on? When in doubt, trust a brand and a car dealer worthy of it. Ask to see and try the 2018 Honda...

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  The 2019 Honda Ridgeline: A Reliable Truck In All Circumstances   Do you need a truck tough enough for your light and heavy-duty jobs, but also nice looking enough for you to want to cruise with it? Are you looking for a reliable brand because you can’t afford to waste your hard earned money on a questionable vehicle? Go confidently to Lombardi Honda, your Honda car dealer of...

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The 2018 Honda Accord Test Drive   At Lombardi Honda, located in Montreal near both the North and the South Shores, we believe in “classic” cars, and that’s why we’re so excited about the 2018 Honda Accord. It’s a well-known fact that in the automotive industry (but not only), it’s sometimes better to not change a winning formula. Honda understands that...

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2018 Honda Civic or 2018 Toyota Corolla?   Whether it’s because of their more reasonable dimensions, their more affordable price or the savings they provide at the gas station, compact sedans are still popular among customers who generally hesitate between 2 top models when they’re done with their researches: 2018 Civic or 2018 Corolla? Let’s compare these 2 models to determine...

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lombardi honda accord 2018 specs en
    The 2018 Honda Accord: Clear Winner of Its Category   No need to lie about it, when we really want to know how a specific car ranks in its segment, it’s pointless to listen to manufacturers’ promises. The best way to go is still to turn to impartial and experimented sources that compare objectively the relevant models instead of pretending that one of them has the...

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lombardi honda pilot 2018 specs en
  The 2018 Honda Pilot: the right choice for the whole family   When it comes to choose a family car, the large number of “stakeholders” has been forcing many consumers to compromise for too long. The SUV market considerably evolved in the last years, and the same consumers can now find themselves facing the opposite problem: being spoilt for choice! When in doubt, trust a...

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lombardi honda insight 2019 specs en
The new 2019 Honda Insight   In the years to come, car manufacturers will ramp up their efforts to propose more innovative, better performing and “greener” cars. Honda is one of the main players in this arena and unveiled just a few weeks ago the 2019 Honda Insight at the North American Auto Show. Lombardi Honda, your Honda car dealer from Montreal, near both the North and the...

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lombardi honda rigeline 2018 valeur sure en
        The 2018 Honda Ridgeline: a safe bet If there is one time you don’t want to be wrong, it’s when you buy a vehicle. It’s even truer when said vehicle is dedicated to be both a workhorse and a passenger vehicle. Do you need a truck tough enough for your light and heavy-duty jobs, but also nice looking enough for you to want to cruise with it? Are...

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lombardi honda concessionnaire fait peau neuve en
    Your Lombardi Honda dealer gets a makeover and goes all out to always serve you better!   To better serve its customers, the Lombardi Honda dealership in Saint-Leonard is growing, and they don’t take short cuts. They are building a new three-floor structure with a glass facade, futuristic design and ultramodern showroom with only one goal in mind - offering the best possible...

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lombardi honda hr v 2018 fonctionnalites en
  Features of the New 2018 HR-V 2018 Christmas is approaching, and soon it will be that time of year when people make good resolutions for the coming new year. Maybe it’s time to buy a new car packed with amenities.  It’s time to spoil yourself and your Lombardi Honda dealer, located in the heart of Montreal, close to Laval, the North Shore and South Shore, will be pleased...

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lombardi honda concept fiabilite modernite en
      Honda electric cars: reliability and modernity   Even drivers who have been “faithful” to a brand for several years can’t help themselves but look if the grass is not greener on the other side when their manufacturer of choice stop innovating and rest on its laurels. Thankfully, it’s not the case for Honda Canada whose new concepts made all the...

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lombardi honda accord hybride 2018 avenir en
      The All-New 2018 Accord Hybrid   At a time when climate change is at the heart of everyone’s concerns, it is necessary to consume responsibly. In addition, natural resources are running out and gasoline is becoming more and more expensive. According to a recent study, 39% of Quebecors plan to replace their gasoline vehicle with a “green” one. This...

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lombardi honda clarity 2018 specs en
The 2018 Honda Clarity: the choice of visionaries     Are you among the people confidently turned toward the future, and that embrace positive changes and adapt to them as soon as they become available? If it’s the case and you own a car (or are considering purchasing one in the near future), it’s better be the 2018 Honda Clarity. You don’t know this model or the reason...

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lombardi honda installation pneus en
WARNING! Please, note this information! Lombardi Honda

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lombardi honda clarity 2018 revisitee en 1  1
The 2018 Honda Clarity: It Makes You Want to Go Green     You are keeping a close look on what is being made in the field of hybrid/electric cars, yet not sure you want to make the jump? You are comfortable enough with the concept, but you still have not seen anything that you like and that suits your needs on the market? Look again: the Honda Clarity 2018 will soon be available in Canada...

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lombardi honda civic ex 2017 specs en
The 2017 Honda Civic EX: cutting-edge technology and legendary reliability   Do we really have to keep praising the mythical Honda Civic? Apparently, yes. Not satisfied with “just” producing the best-selling – and arguably the most reliable – car in North America, Honda decided to further improve a model already close to perfection by including cutting-edge technologies...

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lombardi honda accord 2018 bientot en
      The 2018 Honda Accord will arrive soon in Montreal!   Some cars require considerable marketing efforts in order to realize decent sales while others receive a royal welcome as soon as they hit the market because they’re known for their quality and long awaited by consumers. That’s the case of the 2018 Honda Accord, which will soon be available at Montreal,...

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lombardi honda clarity 2017 specs en
        2017 HONDA CLARITY FUEL CELL – OUR HISTORY OF RETHINKING FUEL The hydrogen-powered, zero emission Clarity Fuel Cell isn’t our first foray into alternative fuel sources. We’ve been creating trailblazing, alt fuel vehicles for over two decades.     2017 HONDA CLARITY FUEL CELL – GOOD TIMES BEHIND THE WHEEL The Clarity...

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lombardi honda accord hybride 2017 specs en
Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) with Low Speed Follow The radar-based system is engineered to keep a set speed and a set interval from a vehicle detected directly in front of you, and is designed to even bring the vehicle to a complete, full stop in traffic Forward Collision Warning (FCW) When the  Accord is travelling faster than 20 kilometres per hour, Forward Collision Warning...

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Honda Technology: Cross Traffic Monitor   The Cross Traffic Monitor system is incredibly convenient when backing out of parking spaces with an obstructed view, such as at a shopping centre. The system will alert the driver if another vehicle is approaching while they are reversing.   Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) with Low Speed Follow   The radar-based system is engineered...

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lombardi honda type r vs nsx 2017 en
        Honda Civic Type R versus 2017 Acura NSX 2017: the clash of titans   Performance cars’ lovers of Quebec are certainly going through an emotional year that also brings up some tough questions: the 2017 Acura NSX and the Honda Civic Type R are both available in the province, the first at most Acura car dealers, the second one only at Lombardi Honda,...

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lombardi honda type r ideal perfection en
      The Honda Civic type R: when “ideal” becomes “perfection”   The Honda Civic may well be the most emblematic vehicle of the intermediary sedans’ segment. In all cases, it’s undeniably one of (if not “the”) the best-selling cars in North America. What is the only downside that the pickiest consumer could have found on...

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lombardi honda fit 2018 sous compact donne argent en
        The Fit 2018: a sub-compact that gives you more bang for your buck   You live in a metropolitan and you’re looking for an urban car, compact in its shape but with a bold, sporty design? You think that a car capable of going anywhere (and that can be parked anywhere) shouldn’t be without style, options and performance? Lombardi Honda, your Honda’s...

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roues civic modifier 2
2017 Civic coupe Modified Lombardi Honda

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civic orange lombardi 3
2017 Honda Civic Touring Turbo Lombardi Honda

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The Civic 2017, car and North American of the year     Honda still reigns on the the North American automotive market recently, Honda has been able to stir up fully the flame which inhabits the Honda Civic, particularly at the Auto Show in Detroit. Since then, the latter does not cease to attract the glances, in addition to see its sales soar across America. It would seem that the improvements...

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civic blanc modifier 1  1
Modified 2017 Honda Civic Pictures of various modified 2017 Honda Civic found on the web Lowered suspension https://www.civicx.com/threads/why-has-no-one-photoshopped-a-sedan-yet.416/ Wrap + Wheels   Lombardi Honda

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lombardi honda civic noir 4  1  1  1
  A COMPLETELY REDESIGNED CIVIC TURBO 2017 IS WAITING FOR YOU AT LOMBARDI HONDA This 10th edition of the Honda Civic that we had the opportunity to try over the past few days has finally arrived at Lombardi Honda dealer in Montreal, Laval, North Shore, and South Shore. Note that the Honda Civic represents approximately 40% of  Honda sales, an astronomical amount...

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odyssey 2018 honda canada en
Honda Odyssey 2018: safety, entertainment and comfort Did your family just recently get bigger and will you have to take this into account while choosing your next vehicle? Would you say that in your eyes, a family car shouldn’t be deprived of style and functionality? You’re completely right. Mini-vans are not what they used to be and the Honda Odyssey 2018 is a prime example of that....

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honda mise au point lombardi en
What Would a Parent Do for His Child? At Lombardi Honda, we treat our vehicles much like our children. We take good care of them, and when a potential buyer shows up, we know that it is time to let go and entrust our loved ones to their future owners. Regardless of the distance between a child and his parents, parents will always love him and be there for him. What would a parent do for his child?...

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honda certified smart choice lombardi 1  1
WHY SHOULD WE BUY A HONDA CERTIFIED VEHICLE?   The answer is simple: because Honda Certified Pre-Owned vehicles offer several benefits that other dealers or individuals cannot offer. Here's why you should definitely buy a Honda Certified Pre-Owned vehicle at Lombardi Honda, your dealer in Montreal, near Laval, the South Shore and the North Shore.   Because the quality of the vehicle...

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2017 honda odyssey lombardi honda 1  1  1
2017 Honda Odyssey   With every year comes a new possibility, and in this new year, the giant Japanese automobile manufacturer Honda, was revived by a fresh breeze. After the Honda Ridgeline, the minivan Honda Odyssey is here to bewilder.            Redesigned From the Inside to the Outside   The 2017 Honda Odyssey, the vehicle available from your Honda...

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lombardi honda accord 2017 2  1  1  1  1  1  1  1
The Honda Accord Throughout History   While we are now at the 9th generation of the Honda Accord, it would be interesting to make a little journey in time to see how this small hatchback originally made its debut in 1976 and has become the benchmark for the sedan due to its composition, setting standards in terms of manufacturing quality in the industry. Lombardi Honda in Montreal, near Laval,...

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clarity 1  1  1  2  1  2  1  1  1  1  1  1
A BRAND NEW HYDROGEN HONDA IN 2018: THE HONDA CLARITY FUEL CELL   Japanese people have such a pioneering spirit! The Japanese manufacturer will surpass all competition with its new Honda Clarity PHEV. Why? Because of its audacity and its ability to meet the needs of customers, as simple as this. Based on the specifications broadcast in Japan, The Honda Clarity Fuel Cell, or Honda Clarity PHEV,...

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civic si 2017 1  1  1  1
The All-Powerful 2017 Honda Civic SI   Now that the Honda Civic Type R has been a great success, it is high time that the great Japanese manufacture goes on to the next level with a new, even more stunning model, but sold at a relatively affordable price. How is it possible? With a little effort and ingenuity, nothing can stop Honda from surpassing itself. Currently on the American roads, the...

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lombardi honda louer en
    To Lease or to Buy a Car: That is the question!   In recent years, car leasing is the new hype. However, a large number of traditional drivers still prefer by far purchasing their vehicle so they do not have to "pay for nothing in the end," as they say. Who is right? The answer is very complex. Basically, it's on a case-by-case basis, so it's better to assess...

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Honda is proud to offer you a massive selection of used Honda cars, SUVs and minivans for sale in Montreal. Our qualified Honda technicians inspect every used Honda vehicle before it is put on sale to ensure everything is perfect when you take the road behind the wheel of your new pre-owned Honda. Find out...

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4 Season Tire Promo   Yokohama Avid Touring 235/65/17 148,95$   Uniroyal Tiger Paw 195/65/15 104,99$  205/55/16 119,95$  225/65/17 144,95$   Michelin Defender 195/65/15 132,99$ 225/65/17 164,55$   Nokian e Ntyre 205/55/16  135,57$   * Prix par pneu. Ces prix n'inclus pas les taxes, l'instalation et les frais de recyclage. Lombardi...

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Honda Body Shop Honda Accord 2011, complete refurbishment Lombardi Honda

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Honda Ridgeline 2017 at SEMA Lombardi Honda

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Honda Fit Black Edition 2015 Our most stunning luxury-to-size ratio yet. The all-new 2015 Honda Fit Black Edition is anything but basic. The redesigned exterior is sporty and full of character. It’s ahead of its time with new available premium tech features like the Display Audio System with HondaLinkTM* Next Generation and available exclusive Honda LaneWatchTM blind spot display†....

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Sneak preview of the New Honda Ridgeline to come Lombardi Honda

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The all new Honda CR-V 2017 English version coming soon Lombardi Honda

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lombardi honda civic type r 2  1  1  1  1  1  1
Release of the Honda Civic Type R in Paris   You're getting to know the 2017 Civic Hatchback. Now look at this Japanese industry bomb. Indeed, the Honda Civic Type R is on the doorstep with its hyperaerated shield, hood with air intake, 20-inch wheels wrapped by hyperlarges, powerful brakes, a raised aileron at the back and even an exhaust with three tips. Is it enough ! No.   Unlike...

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capture d 92e cran 2018 01 19 a 14 23 33
Plan your vacation with CAA's TripTik Whether you are planning a trip to Canada, USA or Mexico, CAA-Québec have a great tool on their website design to help you plan the best road trips. You can either do it online or get in touch with one of their specialists to help you plan your trip.  Vacation time is coming. So we decided to share this tool with you. TripTik has...

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Lombardi Honda since 1973...One of the first Honda Dealer in Quebec. Did you know that Lombardi Honda is one of the first Honda Franchise in Quebec. Lombardi Honda

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lombardi honda civic generation 1 1  1  1  1
Evolution of the Honda Civic in Canada The Honda Civic model has gone through several major transformations over the years, but it remains the most emblematic vehicle of our company. The history of this vehicle begins in 1973, and it hasn’t stopped today. To the contrary, the Civic is even more impressive and imposing in 2016. To convince you of the reliability of this car, we’re taking...

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Le tout nouveau Honda Pilot 2016 Le tout nouveau Honda Pilot 2016 adapté aux routes du Québec Le Honda Pilot 2016 entièrement redessiné vous offre suffisamment d'espace pour accomoder huit passagers.   Familles, découvrez le tout nouveau Pilot 2016. Il s’agit du Pilot le plus évolué de sa catégorie à ce jour. Maintenant...

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The all-new 2016 Honda Pilot has a lot to offer!   Introducing the new 2016 Honda Pilot, now on sale at your Lombardi Honda dealership in Montreal, near Laval and the North Shore. And what features it offers buyers, starting with Earth Dreams technology, navigation and a rear entertainment system in addition to its 8 seats! Let's see all this in more detail. Look great at the wheel...

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lombardi honda 1  2  1  1  1  1  1  1  1  1  1  1  1
A NEW 2017 CIVIC HATCHBACK     You will be overwhelmed by this new Civic Hatchback which combines a European style with the versatility so much sought after in our five doors. This car will set the tone for the radically new Civic Type R.   But how do you explain this enthusiasm and flair for this new car? Simply because the 2017 Civic Hatchback comfortably combines...

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157359  1  2  1  1  1  1  1  1  1  1  1  1  1  1
The largest selection of used Honda for sale is from Lombardi! To take advantage of the largest selection of used Honda for sale in Montreal near Laval and the North Shore, Lombardi Honda is the place to go! For more than 20 years, we have been offering a wide selection of used vehicles, including many used Honda. Take a look at our extensive online inventory! Whether you want a family sedan like...

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 file 002 1  1  1  1  1  1  1
New Honda Ridgeline finally in Montreal THE NEW RIDGELINE 2017: A MORE SPACIOUS AND ROBUST UTILITY! If you are looking for performance, a comfortable, smooth, and quiet ride, a competitive price, and a strengthened four-wheel- drive capability, then the Ridgeline 2017 at Lombardi Honda,your Honda dealer for over 40 years, is made for you!  In fact, the new Ridgeline 2017 has a more spacious...

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105454  1
HONDA CR-V NAMED MOTOR TREND'S SUV OF THE YEAR Various publications dish out automotive awards throughout the year, but the one with potentially the most influence comes from the Los Angeles-based magazine and website, Motor Trend. For 2015, the Honda CR-V has taken top honours for the publication's SUV/Utility vehicle of the year in a field of 19 models. With that many vehicles...

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114702  1  1  1  1  1  1  1  1  1
Lombardi Honda The Honda HR-V 2016, the new compact crossover to discover! The 2016 Honda HR-V is a brand new sub-compact crossover - and the first Honda in its class - that will fight the Chevrolet Trax, Nissan Juke and Mitsubishi RVR, with a smaller size and price. those of the popular CR-V. It shares the same platform as the Honda Fit and offers one of the most spacious cockpit in its class....

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The new Honda Ridgeline 2017 release in Canada 2017 Honda Ridgeline The long awaited 2017 Honda Ridgeline made its first appearance at the North American International Auto Show in 2016 and will hit the market in the coming months! Fully designed, developed, and manufactured in America, the 2017 Honda Ridgeline offers improvements in terms of versatility, performance, and comfort, which make...

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2016 Honda Odyssey: your family deserves the best! French version only. Lombardi Honda

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154243  2  1  1  1  1  1  1  1  1  1  1  1
Lombardi Honda The Honda Fit, an all but ordinary car    We are proud to sell the Honda Fit, the most attractive car in its class! If you are shopping for a subcompact car in Montreal near Laval and the North Shore, do not buy without first visiting the experts at your Lombardi Honda dealer. Our advisors will answer all your questions with pleasure on the Honda Fit, the different...

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131773  1  2  1  1
Honda HR-V 2016 finally at the dealership! Lombardi Honda

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lombardi civic 2  1  1  1  1
Lombardi Honda 2017 Honda Civic Hatchback THE 2017 HONDA CIVIC HATCHBACK : WHAT A CAR!   A brand new Honda will make its appearance on the North American market in 2017! This is the Honda Civic Hatchback, extension of the 10th generation of the Civic on the market. Completely redesigned, this car underwent a complete and radical transformation compared to the previous models. That’s...

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lombardi honda civic 2015genn 1  1  1  1  1  1  1  1  1  1  1
The Honda Civic 2015 a long and successful history!   With more than 66,000 units sold in Canada last year, more than 15,000 units more than its closest competitor, the Honda Civic remains the top-selling passenger car in Canada for the 17th consecutive year. Honda's well-known compact car has a solid reputation for durability, reliability and overall quality, and our Honda Civic for sale...

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lombardi honda 2014 001 2  1  1  1  1
Honda Civic 2009-2014: prefered by consumer report   If you see a lot of Honda Civics on the road, there’s a reason. It has been the most-sold car in Canada for 18 years, because of the reputation it has earned for reliability. That’s why the magazine Protégez-Vous gives it a rating of 5 out of 5 in their pre-owned car evaluation, appearing in...

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honda accord used 1  1  1
Honda Accord: A grade of 5/5 from Protégez-vous!   What makes the Honda Accord so popular? It has become a sort of a separate entity, since Honda Canada hasn’t even needed to focus on marketing this car and it still sells. That’s why the magazine Protégez-Vous gives it a grade of 5 out of 5 on their evaluation of pre-owned cars, appearing in...

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Certified Honda Center at Lombardi Honda The first and only Honda Certified center in Canada. Comme and see the benefits of a Certified Honda at Lombardi Honda. More than 100 certified Honda in stock! Lombardi Honda

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Technologie center - Lombardi Honda Lombardi Honda is the first Honda Dealer in Canada to have implanted a Techno Center in our showroom . This center showcases the last Honda technologie in our Honda line-up. Lombardi Honda

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ridgeline superbowl 1  1  1  1
New Ridgeline commercial at the superbowl Honda Ridgeline commercial during the 2016 Superbowl Lombardi Honda

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5 points to check before leaving on vacation 1 Lights and turn signal  A first and basic test to do is to check your lights and turn signal. First start the car and walk around it. Then find someone to check the brake lights and turn signal.  2 Condition and tire pressure Another aspect not to forget is to have an equal pressure in all 4 tires. For the proper pressure please refer to...

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Lombardi Honda 2015 Honda Pilot vs 2016 Honda Pilot 2016 Honda Pilot 2015 Honda Pilot 3.5L V-6 Engine 3.5L V-6 5-Speed Automatic Transmission 6-Speed, 9-Speed Automatic ~4,937 mm Length 4861 mm 2016 Honda Pilot Montréal ( Lombardi Honda )   When Honda Canada puts one of its vehicles through a major redesign...

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Lombardi Racing Lombardi Honda is one of the oldest Honda dealerships in Quebec and in Canada. We are proud today to present to you our brand-new website, which is but the gateway to receiving the best automotive customer service possible in the greater Montreal region, just minutes from Laval and from Longueuil. Our new 2015-2016 Honda vehicle showroomis one of the largest in the country, and features...

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Lombardi Honda Lombardi Honda RACING

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Lombardi HONDA RACING VIDEO Video 1 Video 2 Video 3 Lombardi Honda

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Lombardi Honda OUR COMMITMENT TO THE ENVIRONMENT IS NOT LIMITED TO AUTOMOBILES   Comme dit le vieil adage : « Certains aiment parler, mais ils ne joignent pas le geste à la parole ». Il suffit d'une visite au campus Honda de Markham, en Ontario, pour réaliser la grande importance qu'accorde Honda au respect et à la protection de l'environnement...

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Security recall on airbags. Verify your VIN on honda.ca/recalls

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