Whether it’s because of their more reasonable dimensions, their more affordable price or the savings they provide at the gas station, compact sedans are still popular among customers who generally hesitate between 2 top models when they’re done with their researches: 2018 Civic or 2018 Corolla? Let’s compare these 2 models to determine on which you should invest your hard earned money and after this reading (spoiler alert), go to Lombardi Honda, your Honda car dealer of Montreal, near both the North and the South Shores, to take a closer look at the winner.

Design and Interior

The fact that beauty is a subjective matter should never stop us from judging cars on their appearances, and let’s be honest: each iteration of the Civic is more beautiful than the previous, and the 2018 version is no exception. Its design reaches unparalleled levels in this segment and even if the 2018 Corolla is not ugly per say, it looks desperately plain besides the queen of compact sedans. On this point, a credible source said about the 2018 Corolla that it’s a perfectly serviceable car, but one that is also painfully average in everything and thus not really interesting. Ouch… The 2018 Civic, on the other hand, is so popular precisely because it’s so out of the ordinary. On top of being visually appealing, it comes with a refined cabin that is also equipped with more than 50 infotainment and safety features. It’s really hard to go wrong with this one.


In terms of performance, if we compare apples with apples (i.e., base models), the 2018 Civic is 20 % more powerful than the 2018 Corolla and has a lower fuel consumption, both on the highway and in the city. Plus, the Honda has available turbocharged engines while the Toyota only has one powertrain option, a plain 1.8-liter engine. Nothing special going on for the rival, the 2018 Civic wins this round too.

2018 Honda Civic at Lombardi Honda

Even if it’s always a good thing to keep an eye on several companies and to compare their products before purchasing anything, if you want to drive the best compact sedan of the year, your choice is clear: the 2018 Honda Civic. Go at once to Lombardi Honda, your Honda car dealer of Montreal, near both the North and the South Shores, to see and try yours.

Configure your Honda Civic at Lombardi Honda in Montreal near Laval and Pointe au Tremble.