At a time when climate change is at the heart of everyone's concerns, it is necessary to consume responsibly. In addition, natural resources are running out and gasoline is becoming more and more expensive. According to a recent study, 39% of Quebecors plan to replace their gasoline vehicle with a "green" one. This includes electric cars as well as hybrids. That is why your Lombardi Honda dealership, located in the heart of Montreal, recommends that you take a close look at the all-new 2018 Honda Accord Hybrid.

Low Fuel Consumption

This new-generation sedan will know exactly how to seduce you with its elegant lines. This model has discreet but absolutely charming external assets. For instance, its double exhaust with chrome tips, its 19-inch aluminum alloy wheels or its fully electric sunroof that will most likely allow you to impress your friends, but especially to provide the interior with excellent ventilation. Your Lombardi Honda dealership, located in the heart of Montreal, has definitely been won over by this new model that is a real favorite. Its new third-generation turbocharged engine consumes less than its predecessor, making it the most fuel-efficient car.

Extreme Safety and Great Comfort

When it comes to the interior, everything has been optimized so all available space can be utilized and so your travels can feel comfortable and safe. Also, the rear seats are fully foldable allowing for more storage space. In cold weather, it's even possible to heat the front and rear seats as well as the steering wheel! Furthermore, they are fully leather-wrapped and therefore pleasant to the touch. Be that as it may, you will no longer feel cold. The biggest advantage of this car, however, on top of its modest energy consumption, lies in Honda Sensing innovation. This process combines a set of detection systems that will make your driving entirely safe. You can now lay back and relax with the collision warning or the lane departure warning systems. In addition to these alert devices, the 2018 Honda Accord Hybrid has even been programmed to respond for you in certain situations deemed dangerous. For example, if a risk of collision is likely to happen or if you inadvertently leave your lane, a force will be applied to the brakes to reduce this possible risk of collision. Also, as quite a useful addition, this car is equipped with a front camera that can detect road signs and transmit the necessary information to you live!

For all these reasons, we believe that it is more than desirable to opt for the 2018 Honda Accord Hybrid. Safe, environmentally friendly and extremely comfortable, this sedan is a quality choice. Visit your Lombardi Honda dealership in Montreal at 4356 Metropolitan Boulevard East for more information. Our team will be there to assist you from Monday to Friday from 9am to 9pm and on Saturdays from 10am to 4pm to advice you on our new vehiclespre-owned vehicles and financing solutions.