Trends in plug-in and all-electric hybrid vehicles continue to be a reality in the Quebec automotive market. Honda electric vehicles are part of this movement and the Japanese manufacturer is going further by promising new vehicles with electric motors.

Lombardi Honda, the exclusive dealer in the Greater Montreal area, near the North and South Shores, follows the latest trends in electric cars. They explain the benefits of the cars presented at the last electric vehicle show.

Coming Soon – The All-Electric Clarity and Fit

The major car manufacturers do not want to miss the 100% electrical bandwagon. They are therefore striving to offer models that reflect this reality in a market where electric vehicles are increasingly evolving and becoming more prevalent.

The Japanese manufacturer is at the forefront of this wave of electric vehicles. It already offers its own line of hybrid and electric vehicles, such as the Honda Accord, Honda Insight and Clarity Plug-in Hybrid. The manufacturer now has a fully electric Honda Fit and a 100% electric Clarity in its line-up.

In partnership with Contemporary Amperex Technology (CATL), Honda is developing a Honda Fit EV for 2020. It will be entirely electric and will be built on the basis of the Honda Fit sub-compact.

If this brand-new Honda Fit EV will first invade the huge Chinese market, it is likely that, in the wake of the electric movement, the vehicle will very quickly reach North American territory.

This new sub-compact will have a range of about 300 kilometres, positioning it halfway between the Hyundai Kona and the Chevrolet Bolt. However, the Japanese manufacturer has announced innovative features that will help it outperform its two rivals. Starting with a very attractive price, comfort to spare and a minimalist style, it will have all the functionalities of an electric vehicle, but in an extremely modern body.

The Honda Fit EV will also offer a style of its own, and the first images of this vehicle show a sporty, user-friendly vehicle that is equally useful in the city and on the roads of Quebec and Canada. Since the traditional Honda Fit is a sub-compact that already offers a lot to the consumer, the EV model will be following its lead. The strategic alliance between Honda and CALT will enable the Japanese manufacturer to continue its momentum in the electric vehicle market and generate sales of more than 100,000 units annually.

Innovation in electric vehicles goes well beyond this model. Some time ago, Japanese engineers started working on a new 100% electric Honda. Electric driving will now be possible thanks to Honda's Urban EV, which was launched for the European market this year and soon for Canada and the United States.

While this car looks like the first models of the Honda Civic, it has a smaller retro look with four doors. In addition to its 100% electric engine, its muted yet innovative interior features a panoramic dashboard with refined elements and intuitive technology.

The driver of an Urban EV will be able to use navigation and enjoy other useful features (Bluetooth, telephone, USB and HDMI ports, radio, etc.). The wooden veneer gives this city car an urban look, while its classic steering wheel also makes the vehicle look more refined and avant-garde. In short, the new Urban EV, the 100% electric Honda vehicle, exudes a minimalist vibe and is almost at your doorstep.

Finally, the Clarity Plug-in Hybrid is selling successfully in Canada and Quebec. Honda engineers are now developing a 100% electric version that will soon be available in North America. The Clarity is a top-of-the-range model that is quiet and travels long distances. The electric version is likely to impress us even more.

Lombardi Honda: Montreal's Experts!

You often hear car dealerships praising themselves. It then becomes difficult to separate the true from the false. Lombardi Honda, a dealer in Montreal near the North Shore and South Shore, has been in business for over 45 years. They know their products inside out and offer exceptional service. They follow a very simple motto: the customer deserves the best.

Based on this, the Montreal Lombardi dealership gets to the heart of the matter when it comes to their vehicles. They are passionate about their work and are constantly demonstrating it. They are also in the wake of the electric vehicle trend and invite you to come and discover these vehicles.

After the Accord, Insight and Clarity, we are now talking about the Honda Fit EV, the Urban EV and the 100% electric Clarity. Who knows when the Honda Civic Plug-in Hybrid and an EV model or a CR-V hybrid will be at the forefront? Lombardi Honda dreams big! Don't wait any longer and come to visit us – we are waiting for you.

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