Japanese people have such a pioneering spirit! The Japanese manufacturer will surpass all competition with its new Honda Clarity PHEV. Why? Because of its audacity and its ability to meet the needs of customers, as simple as this. Based on the specifications broadcast in Japan, The Honda Clarity Fuel Cell, or Honda Clarity PHEV, will have an autonomy of 586 kilometres and can be supplied with hydrogen in less than five minutes. Who would've believed that? Lombardi Honda, just as avant-garde as its manufacturer, announced that this new Honda will be sold in 2018, in Montreal, near the North Shore and the South Shore.
Under the hood, the Japanese manufacturer reported that there would be a Honda hydrogen system with a 130 kW electric motor and a 100 kW fuel cell powered by a 700 bar high-pressure dual hydrogen tanks and a lithium-ion battery. It remains to be seen whether it fits the actual Canadian specifications expected as early as 2018.
This new sedan is already looking great with a length of 4,895 mm, a width of 1,875 mm and a height of 1,475 mm, but that’s not it. It has five leather seats, a sleek console, and a well-designed dashboard adding up to its elegance beyond dispute. Its attractive and prolonged lateral lights accentuate the frontal design of the vehicle. The pictures of this new sedan are breathtaking. This vehicle will be available in several colours.
Lombardi Honda will add to its quite extensive range of vehicle models, this hydrogen car that promises to offer all this : flexibility, performance, and a very high autonomy on Quebec roads.
As for Honda, it announced that by 2030, two thirds of its sales will come from electrified models. Moreover, the Japanese manufacturer seeks to halve the CO2 emissions, thus contributing to the development of a greener planet.
One thing is sure : your Lombardi Honda dealer in Montreal near Laval and the South Shore is speeding up the process for a greener world by unveiling the launch date of the all-new Clarity PHEV. Lombardi Honda is well positioned to meet the innovative needs that are constantly emerging in the various markets in Quebec, in Canada, and around the globe. Ask your dealer about their financing solutions and their numerous special offers. After more than 45 years of experience, Lombardi Honda is more than ever at the forefront of technology while keeping in mind this : The customer first and ... always!

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Lombardi Honda

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