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Honda service in Montreal

You'll appreciate the quality of our Honda after-sales service regardless of whether you need the help of our maintenance department, our parts and accessories, body shop or even our detailing services. Thanks to our team's professionalism and the speed and quality of our repairs, our service center will ensure the proper functioning of your vehicle.

You can always rely on our experienced and certified technicians and our state of the art facilities. Treat your vehicle to the best mechanical services available - schedule an appointment online with our service department now!
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Honda service appointment

Please use our online form to schedule your next service appointment. We are standing by to answer your questions and get you in the door as quickly as possible.

Honda parts & accessories

Lombardi Honda Montréal has one of the largest inventories of Honda parts and accessories in Montreal. Whichever part you need, we have it!

Body repairs

CarrXpert : the brand of the real car professionals

You want to do business with a car dealer that still care for you after handing you your new car keys? A dealer whose commitment for customer service is a credible, provable promise and not just another empty slogan? Lombardi Honda, on the Metropolitaine East Boulevard at Montreal, is the car dealer you’re looking for. On top of providing its customers with a wide range of new or used cars and a car loan service tailored for all credit scores, Lombardi Honda is also a member of CarrXpert. What does it mean?

The added value of CarrXpert

CarrXpert is a major actor in Quebec’s body repair industry. With more than 340 car dealers under its banner, which regroups roughly 190 workshops, this organization started in 2001 is an initiative of the board of the CCAQ (Corporation des Concessionnaires Automobiles du Québec) and its body repair committee. CarrXpert’s objective? Standardizing the quality (both of the service and the actual work at hand) of the repairs among the members of the organization (which is a non-profit, by the way). We can say “Mission accomplished”: CarrXpert is currently the car organization the most praised and appreciated by both consumers and their insurance companies. Doing business with a CarrXpert-affiliated dealer is getting the assurance to get all your car-related services under the same roof: the car itself, the financing, the maintenance, the towing if needed and the bodywork made with original parts from the manufacturer by experts used to work on the model of your car. Oh, and your insurance company will not be giving you any hassle when it’ll find out CarrXpert is in charge of the repairs. Only one question remains at this point: why doing business with a car dealer not affiliated with CarrXpert at all?

The best deals in Montreal

Is Honda reputation questionable still debatable? I don’t think so. Whether you choose to buy a brand new or a used car, at Lombardi Honda, near Laval and both the north and the south shore of Montreal, you’ll find the best deals out there on the like of Civic and Accord,  but also on brands such as Mazda, Subaru, Nissan, Volkswagen, etc.
Lombardi Honda: CarrXpert’s certified dealer, wide selection of new and used vehicles of various brands, comprehensive financing options even for customers with bad credit scores and located in Montreal. You’re very welcome.

Lombardi Honda Montréal offers full service repairs under one roof for all types of body work. Book an online appointment for a free estimate of your repairs.

Service and maintenance

You only need a few minutes to book an online appointment at Lombardi Honda Montréal. A member of our team will contact you quickly to confirm the details of your appointment. We are located in Montreal.

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Directions to get there
Lombardi Honda Montréal
4356, boul. Métropolitaine Est, Montréal
QC, H1S 1A2
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