Are you among the people confidently turned toward the future, and that embrace positive changes and adapt to them as soon as they become available? If it's the case and you own a car (or are considering purchasing one in the near future), it's better be the 2018 Honda Clarity. You don't know this model or the reason why we're recommending it? Read what follows first, and then go to Lombardi Honda, your Honda car dealer from Montreal, near both the North and the South shores.

Before going any further, we must clearly differentiate Rechargeable Hybrid Vehicles (or RHV, the category where the 2018 Clarity belongs) and Battery Electric Vehicles (BEV). RHV are equipped with both a regular engine and an electrical battery, which make them more usable and polyvalent than BEV that are out of order while their batteries are in charge. The synergy between these two power sources allows for a better autonomy without impeding on drivers' ability to use almost exclusively the electrical battery.

It's with this type of consumers in mind that the 2018 Honda Clarity was designed, and in order to provide them with an uncompromised driving experience guaranteed by a manufacturer that had nothing to prove for a long time, now. The 2018 Clarity is built like a Honda, obviously, and can carry with comfort (even on the backseats) up to five adults. If you have misconceptions about electrical/hybrid cars' power, the Clarity will put you at ease with the 181 HP (superior to many conventional sedans) generated in part by its 4-cylinder, 1.5-liter.   

Depending on your driving style and road conditions, you might be able to get almost 70 kilometers out of the electrical battery only. No RHV will give you such a large range, at least not in the intermediary segment. The combination of the powertrain's two units should provide with an autonomy of more than 500 kilometers (which is also comparable to regular sedans). Cease every opportunity to charge your battery, reduce your carbon footprint and decrease the number of your visits at the gas station! However, you don't have to charge your battery to a power source systematically, even if it would be a good practice, since you can perfectly run on the gas tank only. When you're driving, the battery can "sort of" recharge itself, up to a certain point, but the recuperation braking system (that allows these partial charges) cannot totally replace a full recharge made via a power outlet.

If you're not already convinced of the Honda Clarity's exceptional value, consider also that you'll be eligible to one or many tax credits and other incentives if you make the good decision. Don't forget that your car dealer has a lot of financing solutions at advantegous rates. Don't wait a second more and go to Lombardi Honda, your Honda car dealer from Montreal near the North and the South Shores.