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Honda Prologue

Adventure and electrification: Honda unveils the styling of Prologue, its all-new electrified SUV

Honda has offered a first glimpse of the exterior and interior styling of the all-new Honda Prologue Elite, a battery-electric SUV that will go on sale in North America in 2024.

The Prologue's design is characterized by simple, uncluttered neo-robust interior and exterior styling, as well as a vast interior space ready for adventure, whether in urban areas or out of town

Honda Prologue dévoilement
Honda Prologue dévoilement
Honda Prologue dévoilement

Un design moderne et un aspect néo-robuste

Honda's Los Angeles-based design team is responsible for directing the exterior and interior styling of the all-new Prologue. A young team of designers set out to create a modern, dynamic SUV with simple, uncluttered surfaces.

Photo d'une rivière prises à l'intérieur du Honda Prologue

Honda Prologue 2024 unveiled

The Prologue is well positioned in Honda's light truck range

The Prologue's refreshingly modern design will ensure that it blends in perfectly with the range of current Honda SUVs in the showrooms.

The Prologue's generous dimensions and spacious interior position this SUV alongside the Passport in Honda's light truck range. With a wheelbase of 3,094 mm, the Prologue will be approximately 203 mm longer and 127 mm wider than the Honda CR-V 2023.

The Prologue will have an interior volume of over 2,900 liters, providing ample space for passengers and cargo. Featuring a technology-rich interior, the Prologue will come standard with a fully digital 11-inch driver's screen and an 11.3-inch infotainment screen.

Honda Prologue vue de cote

Electrification and future buyers

Electrification and future buyers The "Year of the Honda SUV" includes the HR-V, CR-V, CR-V Touring Hybrid and Pilot, models that play a key role in preparing Honda's EV volume sales, which will begin with the Prologue in 2024. The Prologue, which will feature four-wheel drive, will target active customers looking for the versatility of an SUV and the zero-emission advantage of a battery-electric vehicle. "The all-new Prologue is another important step in Honda's already well-advanced electrification strategy in North America," said Steve Hui, assistant vice president of Honda Canada. "With the arrival of the all-new CR-V Hybrid, built in Canada and available to consumers this fall, we see the Prologue as a natural progression for those who may also consider a Honda EV in the future." Honda's research shows that hybrid-electric buyers are among the first to make the transition to all-electric products. Over time, Honda expects to increase the sales ratio of the CR-V hybrid model to 50%.

Honda Prologue près vue de deriere
Photo d'une rivière prises à l'intérieur du Honda Prolongue

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