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At the heart of genuine Honda parts,

quality is much more than a promise; it's a tangible reality with every kilometer traveled. Choosing genuine parts means trusting Honda engineers who adhere to strict quality standards, thus ensuring unparalleled durability for your vehicle.

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By choosing genuine Honda parts at Lombardi Honda,

you're betting on legendary reliability. Avoid standard replacement parts that may compromise the safety of your vehicle. With genuine Honda parts, every component works in perfect harmony, ensuring optimal safety.

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Your Honda vehicle deserves the best,

and that translates to using genuine Honda parts available at Lombardi Honda in Montreal. Designed and meticulously tested by Honda experts, these parts ensure optimal performance and peace of mind on every journey.

Lombardi Honda Additional Services
For worry-free maintenance, Lombardi Honda offers you a complete range of services. Whether you need new tires or an appointment for specialized service, we are here for you. Discover the ease of ordering your tires online and scheduling your service appointment. And for high-quality bodywork services, explore our body shop.

Choose quality, reliability, and optimal performance with Lombardi Honda in Montreal, your preferred partner for genuine Honda parts.
Selecting the Right Tires with Lombardi Honda
Safety and comfort while driving start with a wise choice of tires. Lombardi Honda, your trusted dealership, offers you an optimal selection of tires that ensure perfect grip on the road. With our lowest price guarantee, you can be assured of getting the best deal on the market.

Extending the Lifespan of Your Tires
Reduce Your Fuel Consumption

Discover our tips and solutions to decrease the fuel consumption of your Honda, including advice on tire pressure and wheel alignment.

Anything that increases rolling resistance or tire friction on the road will increase the amount of work required from the engine and, consequently, the amount of fuel burned.

Underinflation increases a tire's rolling resistance, so don't wait too long to check it. Tires with a pressure of 56 kPa (8 lb/sq in) can increase fuel consumption by 4%. The air you use to maintain your tires at the correct pressure is, in a sense, "free" gasoline.


Improper wheel alignment increases tire rolling resistance in relation to the vehicle's direction. The increased "drag" could raise fuel consumption by 25%.

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Oil and Fluids

To maintain the optimal performance of your Honda, trust in our specially formulated oils and fluids. They have been designed to preserve the exceptional mechanics of Honda vehicles throughout their lifespan.

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Brake Maintenance by Experts

Benefit from the expertise of our specialized technicians in maintaining and replacing your braking systems, using only genuine Honda parts to ensure your safety on the road.

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Honda Batteries: Power and Durability

Don't let a failing battery catch you off guard. Our genuine Honda batteries ensure reliability and performance for unparalleled peace of mind on the road.

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Honda Wiper Blades: For Perfect Visibility

Maintain optimal visibility in all conditions with our wiper blades designed specifically for your Honda.

Honda Filters

 Experience Cleaner Air

Whether it's the cabin air filter or the engine air filter, Honda filters provide optimal protection against impurities, ensuring a healthy environment and a perfectly healthy engine.

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Most Honda vehicles are equipped with a cabin air filter that prevents dust, pollen, and debris from the outside air from entering the cabin through the air conditioning and heating system.

As the cabin air filter becomes clogged, the airflow becomes more restricted. The periodic replacement of the cabin air filter is specified in the maintenance section of your Honda Owner's Manual. More frequent replacement may be necessary if you frequently drive in dusty conditions.

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If foreign objects infiltrate your engine, they can cause internal damage and premature wear. 

Your Honda vehicle's engine incorporates an intake air purification system equipped with a filter to prevent the infiltration of foreign objects like dust and debris into the cylinders during driving. A clogged air filter impairs engine performance and can increase fuel consumption, as well as contribute to engine oil contamination.

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We exclusively use genuine Honda drive and timing belts, designed to provide maximum durability and performance.  

By meticulously adhering to the Honda maintenance schedule recommendations, you ensure extended longevity for your vehicle. 

Lombardi Honda Montreal

boasts one of the largest inventories of Honda parts and accessories in Montreal.

The genuine Honda parts available in-store are manufactured to stringent standards to maintain your vehicle's quality. Whether it's about quality, reliability, or performance, these parts will help your Honda stay true to being a Honda!

By choosing genuine Honda parts at Lombardi Honda Montreal, you are opting for the highest possible quality. Only these parts meet the manufacturer's quality standards! Each Honda part is precision-crafted and carefully checked for its interaction with the entire vehicle.

This process ensures optimal performance, as well as the reliability and durability you can rightfully expect from a Honda vehicle.

You can easily get a quote for parts and accessories by filling out the online parts order form. You can also speak with one of our experts or schedule an appointment with our service department.

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