The all-new electric Honda Prologue was recently announced by the Japanese automaker. Its official launch is scheduled for 2024, but Honda unveils some details. For a high-performance electric SUV, Honda will continue to deliver the goods!

The Honda Prologue brings big changes to the automaker’s lineup. In the meantime, your Honda dealership in Montréal will spread the word about what we know of the Honda Prologue.

Prologue: Electrification Signed Honda

The Honda Prologue is part of a trend that has been well underway among automakers around the world. Some are announcing 100% electric lines, and Honda has unveiled its plan for the next few years of the Honda Prologue in Canada:

  • 2024 - Launch of the Honda Prologue

  • 2026 - New e: Honda architecture, made in North America

  • 2027 - New series of affordable electric vehicles

Honda’s (and Acura’s, its luxury line) production schedules are quite full. Honda already offers hybrid powertrain options in its vehicle lineup.

Let’s take a look at how the Honda Prologue already stands out from similar vehicles in the SUV segment. Electrification is being taken seriously by all automakers, and Honda is no exception!

Honda Prologue SUV, Powerful, Spacious and... Neo-Rugged?

2024 Honda Prologue Exterior

Honda uses the term “neo-rugged” styling to describe the Prologue. Auto123 took an interest in this new name and gives us a clear definition:

The idea, most likely, is to convey that the model, all-electric though it is, is equipped to handle at least mild off-roading or rugged terrain. Or at the least, look like it can. But the ‘Neo’ implies something modern and fresh, so not your uncle’s rugged vehicle1.”

The best-selling message for electric cars is always the same: electric range time. Honda is announcing here a rugged car that can go off-road on a 100% electric battery.

In terms of size, Honda says the Prologue is comparable to the Honda Passport and is larger than the Honda CR-V.

What will the Honda Prologue interior reveal? Let’s get into the details!


Honda Prologue Interior: Neat, Consistent and Pleasant

2024 Honda Prologue interior

The first images of the Honda Prologue are very promising! La Presse briefly reviews the choices made by the carmaker’s engineers:

This advantage conferred by its electric platform that ingeniously integrates motors and batteries should theoretically favor interior space2.”

True to the electric SUVs of the moment, it retains a flat floor that gives more room to the driver and passengers of the vehicle. This also gives more cargo space by optimizing the placement of the battery.

The Honda Prologue interior gives us an interesting glimpse of the new design for Honda’s upcoming vehicles. The first images show us a very spacious and highly technological interior:

  • 11-inch driver data screen

  • 11.3-inch infotainment display

  • Physical buttons for temperature control

Inside is a two-color interior, a darker gray and a lighter gray. This gives a sober interior without neglecting clarity.

This unveiling puts the Honda Prologue on the list of upcoming releases to watch. Honda has the merit of being clear and the expectations are well defined!

Honda Prologue Price

At the time being, the Honda Prologue and its price have not yet been revealed. Let’s take a look at the already existing prices for hybrid and plug-in hybrid vehicles for the lineup.

Unless there are major changes, the Honda Prologue electric SUV could be priced similarly or slightly higher than the Honda Clarity plug-in hybrid sedan.


Version (MSRP)

Honda Accord

Hybrid ($37,370)

Hybrid Touring ($44,090)

Honda Insight

Hybrid ($28,490)

Hybrid Touring ($32,190)

Honda Clarity

Plug-in Hybrid ($44,505)

Touring ($48,505)


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Learn more about the 2024 Honda Prologue

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