Choosing between the Honda CR-V hybrid and Accord hybrid

You’re in the market for a new Honda car, and you are still hesitant between opting for a gasoline model or a hybrid. Like many people, you’re thinking of doing your part for the environment. The new Honda CR-V hybrid and the legendary Honda Accord hybrid encourage you in this direction. But you want to know more about hybridization.

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The advantages of a hybrid car

Unlike 100% gasoline or electric vehicles, hybrids are a good compromise between the traditional combustion engine and the electric motor. In fact, all hybrid cars have a gasoline engine and at least one electric motor. That’s why they’re called hybrids. Moreover, Honda hybrids have been designed to make your life easier on the road, and they continue to perform better than ever.

Among the benefits of hybridization, we can easily name the following:

Fuel economy

Because hybrid cars use two power sources (gasoline + electric), they need less fuel to run than a 100% gasoline vehicle. You’ll notice a big difference at the pump. For example, the combined fuel consumption of the Honda Accord hybrid is 5.3 L/100 km, while the gasoline model gets 7.3 L/100 km. That’s a saving of 2 L directly in your pocket. Furthermore, for short distances in town, the hybrid vehicle will operate mainly in electric mode.

Charging on the move

Unless you decide to buy a plug-in hybrid, you won’t have to stop at a charging station before your electric motor runs out. A hybrid car therefore offers you the advantages of an electric car, without ever having to worry about running out of charge and going straight to a charging station. Going a step further, hybrid cars use “a process called regenerative braking to charge the battery using the energy generated during braking. Instead of being lost as heat, this energy is recycled to partially recharge the battery”, allowing you to continue your journey.

Reduced greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions

The biggest environmental advantage of hybrid cars is that they produce far fewer GHGs than a combustion vehicle. Undeniably, conventional gasoline-powered vehicles have been shown to emit far more carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases than hybrids.

When asked about these emissions, experts say: 

“Test results vary, but an average gasoline- or diesel-powered vehicle emits 39 to 41 tons of CO2 during its lifetime. Hybrid cars generally emit around 33 tonnes.”

If you are also looking to do something for the environment, there’s no doubt that a hybrid car is a great alternative.

The best of both worlds

As already mentioned, hybrid cars offer an excellent combination of gasoline and electricity. For short journeys, the electric mode provides quiet, emission-free operation at low speeds. For longer journeys and higher speeds, hybrid cars use the power of the combustion engine in addition to that of the electric motor. At the gas station, you can fill up quickly rather than waiting for your 100% electric vehicle to recharge.

Lower maintenance cost

Hybrid cars and hybrid SUVs use electrical energy, enabling the engine to wear out much more slowly. As a result, they require less maintenance than gasoline-powered vehicles. In the end, you save on vehicle maintenance, and it will cost you less when you visit your Honda dealer.

Hybrids VS combustion vehicles: Embracing greener, high-performance mobility

In conclusion, the advantages of a hybrid car are numerous. They range from environmental issues and driving style to the savings you’ll make with this type of vehicle.

There are major differences between a combustion vehicle and a hybrid car. If you’re ready to make the leap to greener mobility, a hybrid car or hybrid SUV will meet your needs without compromising on power and performance.

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