Do you wonder what car to buy in 2022? If you have a family, and you know that it would benefit from the advantages provided by a minivan, then consider the new 2023 version of the Honda Odyssey. It could be exactly what you need.

Even though it faces limited competition on such vehicles, Honda wanted to modernize its famous family model while keeping close to its distinct line of development. Though the Honda Odyssey is not reputed for being the most innovative in its category, its uniqueness continues to set it apart year after year since 2018. This version is no exception.

Check out the Honda Odyssey 2023 Black Edition!

Though the customer base for minivans usually prioritizes its security needs, it doesn't mean for all that that it wants to go without the aesthetic aspect. Honda listened to these demands and added a new version, the Honda Odyssey Black Edition, said to be a Canadian exclusive.  

With an idle start-stop system and a front-wheel transmission system, the Odyssey's reliability is recognized by both the IIHS and the NHTSA. The five-star for safety combines well with the luminous interior of the vehicle and the open view it provides. 

As for the mechanical side of things, Honda chose to keep the same successful formula, and the vehicle is as reliable as its predecessors. The four versions of the Odyssey have a V-6 3.5-litre engine, delivering a total output of 280 horsepower and 262 lb.-ft of torque. 

The 2023 Odyssey comes with a few updates: 

  • A remote engine starter via your smartphone

  • A geofencing system and a collision warning system 

  • A stolen vehicle locator

  • A new sporty Black Edition

Its dynamic and rounded shape, in comparison with its competitors, give it an authentic look, but as Samuel Lessard, a journalist at RMP, said:

"Honda hasn't said everything yet, despite the traditional approach they took with the Odyssey."

The Honda Odyssey EX is the most affordable trim now

If in 2022 the Honda Odyssey EX-L was the most affordable version of the Odyssey to get, now we can say the Honda Odyssey EX is even more affordable, starting at $45,590 (MSRP). 

The EX includes an eight-person seating capacity, a tri-zone automatic climate control, an 8.0-inch touchscreen plus a rear-seat display, cruise control and an automatic high beam system.

With the 2023 Honda Odyssey EX-L, we move to a more complete version that includes memory seating for the driver and more USB charging ports. 

With the Touring trim, there are more audio and communication accessories, such as wireless power technology, ventilated front seats and an integrated Wi-Fi access point. 

2023 Honda Odyssey

Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price (MSRP)       

$45,590 - $58,590 (for a new model)




280 horsepower/262 lb.-ft.


6 cylinders, 3.5-litre

Fuel Economy (city/road)

8.5-12.2 L/100 km

Honda's Odyssey offers solid security without sacrificing efficiency

Though it is nice that on a family adventure the vehicle can sit up to eight persons, it was essential not to affect the spacious and harmonious interior of the Odyssey. That is why Honda included the CabinWatch system in the main display, which allows you to keep an eye on the children seating in the rear cabin.

Do you need to communicate with everyone? The CabinTalk system allows you to be heard at the back. Both systems work well together and will save you from constantly looking at what's going on at the back and from calling out at the people there. You'll be able tokeep your focus on the road. 

The rear seats are very flexible, and can be folded flat, but you'll be happy to hear they are also removable, which means you have enough room at the back to carry all sorts of goods, such as 4'x8' sheets of plywood, which you can lay perfectly flat.

The Honda Odyssey interior was conceptualized as to satisfy the comfort of both driver and passengers. Samuel Lessard, the journalist at RPM, shared in the same article his experience of driving the Odyssey: 

"I was charmed by the driving position, which gives excellent visibility […]. I had the impression of seating inside the vehicle, and not on top of it. It stands out among its competitors." 

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