The 2023 Honda Civic: Continued Excellence and Recognition

The Honda Civic, an emblematic model of the brand, continues to honor its heritage with the 11th generation winning awards for the third consecutive year. As a flagship model at Lombardi Honda, the 2023 Civic stands out not only for its design and performance but also for its recognition in the automotive world.

A Tradition of Excellence

  • Impressive Track Record: With 92 awards won, Honda leads as the most awarded brand by Car and Driver, a significant achievement that testifies to the quality and reliability of its vehicles.

  • Focus on the Civic: Specifically, the 11th generation Civic has been honored for the third consecutive year, affirming its position as a preferred choice for many drivers.

Image of a 2023 gray Nissan Altima on the road, available at Alma Nissan.

Performance and Innovation

  • Design and Engineering: The 2023 Civic, receiving the Top 10 Vehicles award, is recognized for its excellent design that blends aesthetics and functionality.

  • Proudly Made: Built in North America, the Civic exemplifies Honda's commitment to local production, supporting the local economy while providing superior quality vehicles.

Commitment to the Future

  • Towards Sustainable Mobility: Honda's electrification strategy is also evident in the Civic with advanced technologies that pave the way for a greener future.

  • Contribution to Safety: Each Civic is equipped with Honda's advanced safety systems, thereby enhancing the protection of drivers and passengers.

Honda Civic. 2023 blue Honda Civic. 2023 Honda Civic for sale at Lombardi Honda.

A Legacy of Distinction

Honda's reputation for quality and performance is well-established, and the 2023 Honda Civic is no exception to this tradition of excellence. Along with its counterparts, the Honda Accord and CR-V, the Civic once again made history by being selected among the Top 10 Vehicles of 2024 by Car and Driver, a prestigious recognition that highlights Honda's exceptional craftsmanship.

  • A Trusted Brand: Honda won three of the ten Top Vehicle awards for 2024, eloquently proving the superiority of its design and engineering. This distinction is all the more remarkable as it marks the second consecutive year that Honda has excelled in these categories.

  • Continuous Leadership: With a total of 92 Car and Driver awards to its credit, Honda holds the record for the most accolades accumulated, surpassing all other brands. Since 1983, the year the award was established, at least one Honda vehicle has always been featured on the annual Top 10 Vehicles list, demonstrating a constant commitment to quality and innovation.

2023 Honda Civic interior. Touchscreen. Vehicle touchscreen.

Continuous Distinctions: Honda Accord and Civic Honored

The Honda Accord deserves special mention, having been honored for the 38th time, an absolute record, including an uninterrupted series of 26 consecutive years. This remarkable consistency in excellence reflects Honda's ability to reinvent itself while staying true to its roots of performance and elegance. The Honda Civic closely follows, celebrating its tenth Top 10 Vehicles award, while the CR-V, also manufactured in North America, celebrates its fifth. These ongoing successes are not just numbers; they embody Honda's commitment to providing vehicles that exceed the expectations of modern drivers year after year.

Honda Civic Sport. 2023 Honda Civic. 2023 black Honda Civic. Honda vehicle. Honda dealership.

Local Commitment and Economic Impact

Honda Canada Inc., a pillar of the Canadian automotive industry since its foundation in 1969, continues to play a key role in the local economy. Since starting production in 1986, the company has manufactured nearly 10 million vehicles, including the popular Honda Civic and CR-V, at its Alliston, Ontario facilities. Honda's investment in Canada exceeds $6.5 billion, with annual acquisitions of over $3 billion in goods and services from Canadian suppliers. To date, Honda Canada has sold more than five million vehicles through an extensive network of over 280 dealerships, affirming its commitment to quality and the local community.

Why Choose the 2023 Civic at Lombardi Honda?

  • Proven Experience: By choosing this award-winning model, our clients invest in a vehicle proven for its durability and excellence.

  • Exclusive Offers: Lombardi Honda provides special offers on the 2023 Civic, making this legendary model even more accessible.

Discover the 2023 Civic at Lombardi Honda: A Legend in Motion

The 2023 Honda Civic is not just a car; it is a part of automotive history that continues to reinvent itself and dominate the charts. We invite you to visit Lombardi Honda to discover for yourself why the Civic remains a winning choice year after year. Contact us or visit our dealership to learn more about our models and for a test drive that will convince you.

2023 Honda Civic. Red 2023 Honda Civic. 2023 Honda Civic for sale at Lombardi Honda.