Honda doesn’t do things lightly. When it adopts a strategy, when it embraces new paradigms, it does so knowingly. 

This is the case with all-electric vehicles. If Honda doesn’t offer one yet, it’s because it was waiting for the right time and the right combination to do so. And that combination has come about through a most interesting and strategic partnership with the American giant General Motors.

It is this partnership that will give birth to the company’s first all-electric model, the 2024 Honda Prologue SUV. The latter is expected in 2023 as a 2024 model. We know it’s not tomorrow, but you will quickly see that the wait will be worth it! 

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A Formula That Will Interest More Than One!

The Honda Prologue will adopt the most popular format in the industry, that of the compact SUV. It will benefit from the Ultium battery developed by General Motors, a battery that will be found in several of the company’s products in the coming months, including the Cadillac Lyriq and the GMC Hummer EV. With the Lyriq, for example, the 100 kWh battery will allow a range of around 500 kilometres. 

However, we are not talking about a GM product here, because although the platform and powertrains will be designed by the American manufacturer, Honda will be responsible for the design of the body, as well as the interior of the future 2024 Honda Prologue. We can also guess that the chassis and steering adjustments will be signed by Honda. 

Of course, we can expect to see different versions on the menu, including a Touring variant that will offer the ultimate in luxury and amenities, as is the case throughout the current lineup with this trim level. 

Honda says it chose the name Prologue to indicate that this is the first of many electric vehicles to be released. Luxury brand Acura will also add a version of this electric vehicle in 2024, but the name has not yet been revealed. It all sounds very interesting. 

The Plan

Behind the arrival of this vehicle is a very specific plan. The Prologue will have taken a while to be released, but it will be followed by others, and quickly. Specifically, Honda has stated that it expects electric vehicles and fuel cell models to account for 40% of its new vehicle sales by 2030. This will increase to 80% by 2035 and reach 100% by 2040.

These figures are for North America. That’s what we call being precise and dedicated to a cause. The company plans to launch a new line of electric models in the second half of the decade. These will be based on a new architecture that will be called e: Architecture. This time, the design of the latter will be managed internally. 

As for the vehicle we are interested in, here is what Jean-Marc Leclerc, President and CEO of Honda Canada, had to say about this new product:

“The Honda Prologue is our first high-volume BEV (battery electric vehicle) that will be a catalyst for our progress toward electrification and our overall goal of a zero-emission future. The Prologue is a battery-electric SUV that will offer our Canadian customers what they have come to expect from Honda; an exciting, reliable, safe and fun-to-drive vehicle.”

In the Meantime

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