The Japanese manufacturer is continuing its rationalization efforts by concentrating on its flagship models and cutting back on others that are less in line with the company's future. Starting this year, Honda is abandoning the Civic Coupe, the 2020 Accord with manual transmission and the end of the 2020 Fit for good.

Lombardi Honda, proud dealer of the brand for over 40 years, near the North and South Shore of Montreal, tells you all about the end of these models and invites you to benefit from significant rebates on the 2020 Fit, Accord with manual transmission, as well as on the 2020 Civic Coupe.

End for the Honda Fit

It has been very popular in Quebec, as well as versatile and fuel-efficient; the year 2020 marks the Fit's last year of production and therefore its final lap. In the rest of Canada, it has not been very popular and has never generated much interest in other provinces or in the United States. Honda Canada has consequently decided to discontinue production of this subcompact sedan for profitability reasons. In 2021, there will no longer be a Honda Fit in the showrooms of Honda dealers across the country.

But to understand this decision, you have to go a little further: in Europe, a brand-new generation of the Fit/Jazz is available since 2019. The new Honda Jazz and Jazz Crosstar provide an enjoyable driving experience, with efficient and responsive performance provided by the standard advanced e:HEV hybrid technology. As part of Honda's new e:Technology label, the next-generation Jazz is exclusively available with e:HEV dual hybrid powertrain technology. It is one of Honda's first six electric models to be launched in Europe by 2022.

With this in mind, Honda was coming to a crossroad for the Fit. Do we do all the impact and emissions testing and all the other stuff required to bring a new product to market? All this for a seven-figure bill for a few thousand units sold annually? In 2019, 1,200 copies were sold in Quebec. It is unfortunate, but asking the question answers it.

Nevertheless, the Fit is part of a long list of small cars that are disappearing. It follows the Nissan Micra/Versa Note, Chevrolet Spark/Sonic, Ford Fiesta, Fiat 500, Hyundai Accent (sedan) and Toyota Yaris. The market for sub-compact sedans is changing and consumers are more inclined to consider buying or leasing SUVs.

The Civic Coupe Is Leaving Us!

First of all, it should be noted that the Civic Coupe remains first and foremost a model aimed at a very specific clientele that will have a hard time adapting to generational change. Honda Canada has also confirmed that its Civic Coupe accounts for less than 3% of Civic sales across Canada. This trend has been continuing for some time. Here again, a question of profitability comes into play. In the future, Honda will therefore focus on the hatchback version (Civic Hatchback), the sedan (so coveted and so fashionable) and the sporty Si and Type R (for thrill seekers). Thus, the Civic Coupe also reaches the graveyard of compact coupes. With its demise, the affordable compact coupe segment is disappearing in favour of larger, more user-friendly SUVs.

The Manual Transmission Honda Accord Retires!

It's confirmed, the Honda Accord model with a 6-speed manual transmission will no longer be part of the Honda landscape starting in 2021. Since it didn't bring much revenue for the Japanese company, Honda Canada decided to drop this model. Here again, it's all about the numbers. According to Honda Canada, sales of the Accord with the 6-speed manual transmission represented barely 1 and 2 percent of the mid-size sedan's total sales. Finally, it will simplify the assembly line, lower production costs and make room for new blood.

All in all, the departure of these three models confirms the major trend we've been observing in the automotive industry for the past few years, namely a redefinition of the conditions of road mobility (hybrid and electric models) and the skyrocketing number of SUVs on our roads. Honda's future is more promising than ever!

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