Environmental issues have never been more interesting, as national and international forums are so numerous, not only in Quebec and Canada but also globally. If each of these questions challenges us, they also ask us to take concrete action and behave in a more eco-responsible way.

Honda Canada continues to step up its actions in this direction and is trying to fight in its own way to reduce the CO2 emissions of its vehicles across the country. It began this shift decades ago and the dividends are clear in 2020. Lombardi Hondayour green Honda dealer by excellence in the greater Montreal area, near Repentigny and Longueuil, cares about the environment and is also actively involved in the Japanese company's ecological shift, including its Green Dealership Recognition Program.

Concrete at Honda Canada

For the first time in the automotive industry, Honda is embarking on an extensive "Green Ride" awareness campaign to inform consumers about the CO2 emissions ratings of the fleet of vehicles within the company. In order to better inform the consumer, this awareness campaign seeks to inform drivers of the impacts of their consumption and to get them to take more eco-friendly actions by opting for a green vehicle, for example. 

According to the federal government's most recent 2017 greenhouse gas report by Environment and Climate Change Canada, Honda Canada's fleet of vehicles had the best overall fuel economy in the industry and issued less CO2 than the average manufacturer of internal combustion engines. 

Like our grocery shopping showing the nutritional values on the packaging, the vehicle emission indication emblems display the number of grams per kilometer so that consumers can make informed decisions. The campaign also educates Canadians about Honda's global philosophy and vision to reduce CO2 emissions from its products and all aspects of its assembly operations and activities.

For example, attracting consumers to CO2 emissions goes hand in hand with the manufacturer's belief that lowering emissions from vehicles on the roads in Quebec and Canada is the best way to contribute to the fight against climate change. 

For decades, Honda has been working hard to make its vehicles and facilities less energy-intensive, starting with the transition from internal combustion engine production to gasoline/hybrid powertrains. The Japanese manufacturer is taking concrete steps to improve the lot of future generations and is striving to multiply actions such as this awareness campaign, a first in the automotive industry.

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Concrete at Lombardi Honda

With the optic of always doing things more efficiently, Lombardi Honda, the dealership who continues to win awards and satisfy his customers, and his partners take a holistic approach from an environmental point of view. The Green Dealership Recognition Program has earned it one of the best awards in Canada. Lombardi Honda is a major eco-responsible player in the greater Montreal area near Repentigny and Longueuil. It seeks to multiply actions in order to contribute to the reduction of GHGs. Its hybrid vehicles, such as the Clarity Hybrid (battery-electric), the Honda Accord hybrid or the Honda Insight, are all examples that shape the future of the Montreal dealership. 

The vehicles of tomorrow will be less energy-intensivegreener, less polluting with charging stations and will contribute to the shift of global mobility. Lombardi Honda is firmly committed to making its facilities an environmental model and its vehicles are always using less fuel. Discover the full range of 2020 Honda vehicles and leave with the type of vehicle that suits you. Come and visit Lombardi Honda today.