Should we rent or purchase a vehicle? We often ask ourselves this question when the time comes to launch ourselves in the shopping of a new vehicle. If there exists advantages and drawbacks one way or the other, we must know that renting a vehicle will ensure you of peace of mind during the whole length of your lease, and you will dispose of more liquidities for your other expenses.

Montreal’s Honda dealership by excellence, Lombardi Honda near the North and South Shores has been in business for over 45 years and gives you its point of view on the location of Honda vehicles.

Why You Should Lease a Vehicle?

We hear all sorts of things about the advantages and disadvantages on the purchase and rental of automobile vehicles. Journalists and dealerships alike boast the merits of one and the other without however knowing in detail the real impacts of the automobile purchase and rental. Yet, there exists one of the rare exhaustive studies on this question, which has been conducted by Brassard and his colleagues in 2003, where the authors mention, following the example of Honda, that if we wish to reduce our car payments in order to have more liquidities for other daily expenses, it is better to turn towards a car leasing program. The first advantage in renting certainly resides in less expensive payments for its car.

The second advantage consists in bringing to attention that at the end of your lease, you have the option to return the car to the dealership, to rent a new one at Lombardi Honda, your Honda dealer in Montreal, or to decide to purchase your rented car. Therefore, the flexibility is at the rendezvous and different options present themselves to you when you decide to make business with Honda’s Financial Services.

The third advantage is that you have the possibility to change car often, whether it’s a Honda Accord, a CR-V, a Honda Civic or a Honda FitHonda Lombardi dealership in the great region of Montreal will ensure you all its collaboration so that you are able to leave winning as often as possible with new stuff.

The fourth advantage concerns the regular maintenance of your rented vehicle. Usually, it costs less to maintain a rented vehicle rather than a vehicle that belongs to you, since you will only have it during the length of your lease. Since the vehicle is rented, the dealership should not seek to sell you protections that would be necessary for the purchase of a vehicle.

In sum, renting an automobile is not wizardry and, contrary to popular belief, it will cost you less for your monthly instalments. By the way, Lombardi Honda offers great flexibility for your monthly payments with very advantageous interest rates. Moreover, you will have the opportunity to change your vehicle more often, your maintenance repairs will be less costly, and many options offer themselves to you at the end of your lease. What matters is that you have more money in your pockets for your other regular expenses. Honda Canada and Lombardi Honda have understood that the rental of a vehicle constitutes a way to allow you to come out a winner.

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