Sustainable development is not a trend. It has become a must to fight against greenhouse gas emissions and reduce our carbon footprint. Honda is constantly innovating in terms of sustainable development. Recently, the Japanese manufacturer launched a leadership program in Canada to recognize the eco-friendliest dealerships.

With its new facilities, Lombardi Honda in Montreal, near the North and South Shores, quickly expressed its desire to enter this program at a high level. It quickly distinguished itself by becoming the first of its kind in Quebec and the third in Canada in 2019. This is an achievement worth talking about.

An Eco-Recognition Program: Honda Has a Vision!

The Japanese manufacturer has obviously prioritized the goal of expanding the number of hybrid and electric vehicles it produces. The 2020s and beyond will see an increasing number of electrified vehicles on the roads of Canada and Quebec. 

With the ecologic shift underway around the world, the Japanese automaker has decided to develop a program for dealerships that engage in business activities centered on sustainable development.

As part of its "Blue Skies for Our Children" vision, Honda is committed to a clean environment within its value chain. It is not enough to produce more eco-friendly vehicles, but the facilities and methods must be part of this process.

The Eco-Dealer Recognition Program seeks to help Honda dealers reduce the environmental impact of their operations and reduce their energy costs. "With the Eco-Dealer Recognition Award, we focus on dealers who make an extra effort on the environmental front."

In short, the objective of this program is to provide dealers with a roadmap that allows them to reduce their energy consumption in a quantitative manner. This resource is becoming very useful and serves as a step-by-step guide to implementing systems and technologies that help Honda dealers achieve their environmental objectives and participate in efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The program applies to both existing facilities and new construction or major renovations. As part of this program, Honda Canada evaluates the building's energy demand and its impact on the environment, in addition to water consumption, plumbing systems waste water, alternative water sources, efforts to make the site as "green" as possible, etc. This program covers energy sources, water and Honda dealership sites.

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Lombardi Honda, 1st in Quebec, 3rd in Canada!

In the "new construction and major renovations" category for 2019, Lombardi Honda has ranked first, due to its tenacity and the continuation of its "eco-friendlier" ways of doing things. With brand new installations in 2018, Lombardi Honda has succeeded in sending a strong message when it comes to sustainable development.

From now on, its facilities, in addition to being up-to-date with an impressive inventory of new and used vehicles, are part of Honda's efforts to create a cleaner environment for current and future generations.

Lombardi Honda has won the prize for its category in Quebec and is now ranked third in Canada among 236 dealerships in the country. Not only is this a tour de force, but this recognition is a testament to the dealership’s high value in the greater Montreal region

It’s no doubt that Lombardi Honda is doing everything right.  Not only do they seek to provide exceptional service to thousands of customers, they also are striving to become the eco-friendliest of them all. Honda scored first in Quebec, and won the grand prize for Canada. 2019 will be remembered for this resounding success, but comes as no surprise for a dealership that has been in business for more than 45 years in the Greater Montreal area.

Without any fanfare, Lombardi Honda is seeking to stand out through concrete action. Its latest award is the most vivid proof of this commitment, as are all the other awards won over the past four decades. You have to visit to witness their professional team, dynamic advisors, customer-friendly technicians and determined management team. At Lombardi Honda, you benefit from the best prices in town, reliable, durable and high-performance products, and outstanding service. 

Come discover Honda vehicles - the best-selling vehicles in Canada, year after year. Becoming eco-friendly means making the move to Honda. The Honda experience is embodied every single day at Lombardi Honda in Montreal, near the North and South Shores.