For many years now, the two Japanese compacts have been having quite the ferocious battle on the automobile market, and regarding this, which should we choose between the 2019 Honda Civic or the 2019 Toyota Corolla? Such is the question that we will debate in this article. 


For many years, Lombardi Honda, the dealership located in Montreal near the North and South Shores, fully knows its products and knows that the Honda Civic is a complete, practical and more serious car than many in its category, so to ensure ourselves of this affirmation, let’s take a closer look at what distinguishes the Civic from the Corolla before we celebrate. 


Civic vs Corolla 


First of all, it’s important to note that the civic obtains a do over in 2019, while the Corolla pretty much remains the same and is only available in the sedan version, and the Honda Civic can either be a sedan, a coupe or a sporty-looking hatchback. 


Both cars have the reputation of being reliable vehicles, durable and affordable in terms of price, but the new Honda Civic has renewed itself in 2016 with its more elongated yet just as sporty model, while the Corolla has relatively had the same format since 2014, and this, in spite of a lift in 2017. 


If the Toyota Corolla (1966) is more ancient on the market than the Honda Civic (1972), the latter has a younger look, and is more audacious than the Corolla, which is giving aging signs. Even more interesting, if the exterior dimensions of the two sedan cars are just about the same, the Civic presents itself in many versions, giving it a more sporty and aggressive look than its rival with more options for the consumer. The 2019 Corolla Hatchback might come and change things, but the Civic illustrates itself by its more numerous and clearly more versatile versions, which makes variety clearly more abundant with Honda.


The interior of the Honda Civic is more luxurious than that of the Corolla, because when we compare the two high-end versions of these compacts (Touring and XSE), we notice that the Civic counts on more refinement, the used materials are of better quality and the comfort is at the rendezvous. The cabin of the Honda Civic appears to be more enjoyable and user-friendly than that of the 2019 Corolla, and the back leg space is another plus for the Civic as opposed to the Corolla. 


The Civic nevertheless remains spacious, comfortable and sporty, without forgetting its heated and electronically adjustable leather seats, its heated mirrors, its decent-sized sunroof, its adjustable steering wheel with its very accessible controls, its attractive and pretty dashboard, its state-of-the-art navigation system, its storage spaces, an innovative infotainment system, its Wi-Fi connectivity, its USB ports, the Apple CarPlay and Android Auto technology, and more still… it makes you want to leave on an adventure.


Under the hood, the Honda Civic is more powerful than the Toyota Corolla, and it is offered to you with the possibility of two moto propeller groups, while the Corolla only has one. On the other hand, both cars have forward wheel drive available with an automatic or standard transmission, and in terms of performance and gas savings, the Honda Civic is clearly the winner on its rival, especially with its turbocharged engine which offers you performance to spare.


The 2019 Honda Civic, Civic coupe or Civic Hatchback offer you better advantages than their rival and, esthetically-speaking, the Honda Civic gives the impression of a sporty car, less old school than the 2019 Corolla. On the technological plan, the Civic is a step ahead on the Corolla, namely its advanced characteristics in terms of active and passive security and its innovative characteristics, it detaches itself from the Corolla. In terms of performance, the Civic is by far your best choice and in terms of gas savings thanks to its turbocharged engine.


The quality/price ratio remains a good subject, and if in the starting versions both compacts compare advantageously, they drift apart when it comes to the high-end versions. On the other hand, the Honda Civic seems to offer more than the Corolla in terms of equipment, accessories, performance and comfort, which makes that the numerous advantages of the 2019 Honda Civic come and make her the champion in its category. 


To our eyes, the 2019 Civic will provide you with hours of pleasure on the road and it is a vehicle which has an excellent resale value, is reliable and requires little maintenance. 


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Why Lombardi Honda?


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