This year, your Honda dealership in Montreal, Lombardi Honda, celebrates its 50th year serving you. 

For the occasion, we decided to pay homage to the Japanese manufacturer’s long history. Learn more about the Honda models that shaped the history of the automobile.

The First Honda Car in North America

Image of The first Honda car in North America

The history of Honda cars on the North American market goes back to 1969, the year the Honda N600 was released. Officially, this model was the Japanese manufacturer’s first car to be sold on North American territory. 

This model stayed on the market until 1972, one year before our dealership opened. As you can imagine, the end of the N600 was far from marking the end of Honda in North America. 

Though Honda was already present in the United States, we had to wait until 1973 to receive Honda cars in our beautiful country. In fact, Lombardi Honda Montreal is one of the first dealerships in Canada to sell cars supplied by Honda Canada. 

Two Honda Sedans That Stood Out Early On: The Accord and the Civic

Images of the first Honda sedans in the 70's: Honda Accord and Honda Civic

While the Honda N600 was discontinued, the Honda Civic was coming to our shores. In fact, 1972 was the production year of the first Honda Civic. But we had to wait another four years, that is until 1976, to see the release of the Honda Accord. 

Over the years, these two Japanese sedans have stood out from the competition. It’s not surprising that we still see them on our roads, though they don’t have much in common with the first models.

In fact, Honda sedans have taken various forms and designs over the years, some of which are still on the market today.  

A perfect example of this is the Honda Civic Type R, a high-performance version of the Civic. This high-performance sedan made its first appearance in 1997, but it’s still here today, and has entered its sixth generation in 2022. 

The 90s: The Arrival of the Classic Honda SUVs

Images of the first classic Honda SUV in the 90's: Honda CR-V: 1995, Honda HR-V: 1998 and Honda Pilot: 2002

Nowadays, SUVs are the vehicles that offer the largest variety at Honda. For the 2023 model year, Honda offers 5 different SUVs. However, that has not always been the case. In North America, before the 90s, Honda only sold sedans and crossovers. 

The first Honda SUV was the Honda Passport, a model you are no doubt already familiar with. This first vehicle was released in 1993 and marked the beginning of a growing lineup of utility vehicles.

Three other Honda SUVs that are still available today made their first appearance in the decade following the Passport’s release:

Honda CR-V: 1995

Honda HR-V: 1998

Honda Pilot: 2002

Each Honda SUV has a long history of proving its worth on North American territory, where they are still being driven to this day. What is the best SUV on the market? In addition to having been perfected over many years, Honda vehicles are always safe and reliable. 

Year after year, the Honda CR-V is one of the bestsellers in its segment. It’s a compact SUV that demonstrates an incredible fuel economy and a pleasant driving experience.

The Honda Odyssey and the Ridgeline: Two Other Honda Veterans

Image of the first Honda van that appeared in 1994: The Honda Odyssey. and an image of the first Honda Ridgeline pickup model

SUVs and sedans are not the only segments where Honda is still operating. 

To start with, Honda minivans arrived on the North American market with a now-familiar model, the Odyssey. In fact, this vehicle was released for the first time in 1994, and it was the first Honda minivan. 

As for pickup trucks, the Honda Ridgeline is not only the first Honda pickup model, but also the only one produced to date. Among all the vehicles still available today, the Ridgeline is the youngest, having seen the light of day in 2004. 

The Importance of a Manufacturer That Has Proven Its Worth

As we've demonstrated, Honda is a manufacturer with more than half a century of experience on the North American market. 

Honda parts are among the most solid and reliable parts on the market. Year after year, the manufacturer continues to show its worth thanks to models that are always more impressive than the last ones. 

When you’re shopping for a Honda vehicle, you can rely on the manufacturer’s vast experience, and you can rest assured that you’re buying a superior quality vehicle. 

Regardless of the Honda service you need, you can put your trust in a dealership that was there at the beginning. Lombardi Honda, it’s 50 years of experience at your disposal: Come and meet us today.

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