By reading the title of this article, one could think that we will immediately jump in on the presentation of the all-new 100% electric Honda model that will officially enter the Geneva Auto Show in a few days. In order to make you languish a bit more, your dealer par excellence for more than 40 years in Montreal, near the South Shore and the North Shore, Lombardi Honda, in its brand new three-storey complex with its 120 vehicles in its showroom, would like to first remind you that the Japanese manufacturer is a pioneer in the defense of the environment. It has been concerned by this issue for 55 years now and is constantly thinking about doing what’s best for future generations. "A blue sky for our kids" is the vision that we can read and that drives Honda to reduce CO2 emissions on both its vehicles and within its facilities.

Its sustainable development policy focuses on recycling, environmental responsibility and influence, which led to the reduction of the company’s GHG emissions by 25%. Since 2004, Honda vehicles have been designed to be 90% recyclable.

While recycling plays a major role in Honda's facilities around the world, the Japanese manufacturer also assumes its responsibilities in terms of public health and the environment. By renovating its Alliston plant, the company was able to reduce 44% of its greenhouse gas emissions. In addition, Honda Canada's head office in Markham, Ontario, has always been environmentally-conscious: the building is powered in a way that allows it to consume 33% less energy and use up to 89% less water than comparable facilities. The company has managed to avoid sending 99% of its waste to landfills in 2017. It’s also one of the first global manufacturers to obtain ISO 14001 certification in North America.

To link these strategic elements to the input of the automaker, let's talk about its latest innovation, including the marketing of a 100% electric Honda starting in 2019. This news follows a long environmental tradition worthy of Honda. Some time ago, Japanese engineers (especially Yuki Terai) were working on the idea to put a 100% electric Honda on the roads. First as a concept and then in pre-production, the Honda Urban EV is now launched in the European market this year and soon in Canada and the United States.

If this car is strangely similar to the first models of the Honda Civic, it has a small retro look with four doors. Its dark, but futuristic interior shows a panoramic dashboard with sleek elements and intuitive technology that will make life easier for the user. It can indeed travel while interfacing with other features (Bluetooth, phone, USB port, HDMI, radio, etc.). The wood veneer adds cachet to the entire vehicle, and its classic steering wheel also shows the idea of making the car sleek and very avant-garde. In short, the new Urban EV projects a sense of minimalism that seems very pleasant.

At Lombardi Honda, we are proud of this innovation and we are monitoring its roll out closely. For now, your dealer in Montreal, near the North Shore, but also the South Shore invites you to come visit him in his brand-new futuristic complex of three floors with more than 120 vehicles in the showroom, not to mention of course our large inventory of used vehicles. You’ll see that at Lombardi Honda, we offer the full range of Honda cars in Canada and that we are an experienced team whose members can’t wait to give you satisfaction. Come live the Honda experience at Lombardi Honda, your Montreal dealer for more than 40 years, and enjoy Honda promotions and rebates as well as impeccable after-sales service.

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