If the people who follow the car market with a little more attention than the average person were asked about it, they'd admit that it has been far from exciting in recent years. Car manufacturers avoid taking risks that could make them lose the favor of their customers and thus deliver slight variations of their most popular models year after year. However, some manufacturers sometimes undertake an ambitious project: reviving a discontinued model, especially it was taken out of production less than 20 years. That's what Honda will try to do with the 2019 Passport, and when it will be available, we invite you to make your own opinion on this model at Lombardi Honda, your car dealer of Montreal, located near both the North and the South Shores.

Why This Second Chance?

The Honda Passport was discontinued just 16 years ago, in 2002, after spending less than 10 years on the market. Indeed, this mid-size crossover was introduced in 1993 as a response from the Japanese manufacturer to models like the Isuzu Rodeo. Unfortunately, it did not have the success that Honda expected, which prompted the manufacturer to remove the model from production after only two generations. Why bring back on the market a product that did not meet expectations fairly recently? It's easy to answer this question: the SUV and crossover market has never been more dynamic, and Honda is trying to position this product as a niche within a niche.

What Can You Expect?

Honda, however, seems to have learned from its past mistakes and intends to offer a 2019 Passport quite different from his ancestor. The company's spokespersons promise a "more personal, powerful" intermediate crossover, one that will be more "off-road-capable", while still remaining perfectly comfortable and suitable for urban driving. That's an ambitious proposition…

Does what you know now about the 2019 Honda Passport makes you think it's a crossover that might interest you? Do not hesitate to go to Lombardi Honda to find out more about Honda vehicles, your car dealer of Montreal, located near both the North and the South Shores: he will surely have a vehicle for you!

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