Even drivers who have been "faithful" to a brand for several years can't help themselves but look if the grass is not greener on the other side when their manufacturer of choice stop innovating and rest on its laurels. Thankfully, it's not the case for Honda Canada whose new concepts made all the rage at the latest Tokyo Motor Show. If you're already a fan of the vehicles made by this manufacturer, you should be familiar with Lombardi Honda, your Honda car dealer of Montreal, located near both the North and the South Shores. If you're interested by what you're about to read, go to this dealer to get more informations on the future availability of these two models and about the financing options, because whatever the futur price of theses cars, you will be able to acquire one!

Electric cars Honda sports EV at Lombardi Honda dealership in Montreal near Saint-Eustache and Laval.

Honda Sports EV concept: for eco-friendly drivers!

The times when you had to choose between enjoying some thrills and driving a green vehicle are definitely behind you. The Honda Sports EV concept the manufacturer presented at the latest Tokyo Motor Show proves that beyond all reasonable doubt. It's an electric vehicle equipped with cutting-edge technologies and designed to provide the driver with the same sensations than if he was driving a sport car in the traditional sense of the term. Naturally, most relevant technical details are not yet accessible to the public, but we can already find satisfaction in the "cute" appearance of the vehicle, the simple yet gorgeous black and white contrast and the promising size of the wheels.

Honda Urban EV concept: a tribute to the retro-futuristic style

Following its initial introduction at the Frankfurt Motor Show a few months ago, Honda presented its new concept of urban electric vehicle. At the exception of the shape of this vehicle that clearly draws its inspirations from retro trends, everything in the Urban EV concept is futuristic. It's even smaller than the Honda Fit and probably the first of a long line of similar vehicles to come since it has been built on a new platform. The next years will be exciting for Honda cars' fans!

While you're waiting for these two vehicles to be available, don't stay home biting your nails: go to Lombardi Honda, your Honda Canada car dealer of Montreal located near both the North and the South shores. You'll probably find a vehicle that will help you wait for the Honda Sports and Urban EV concepts!