What Would a Parent Do for His Child?

At Lombardi Honda, we treat our vehicles much like our children. We take good care of them, and when a potential buyer shows up, we know that it is time to let go and entrust our loved ones to their future owners. Regardless of the distance between a child and his parents, parents will always love him and be there for him. What would a parent do for his child? Everything!

Lombardi Honda acts like the father of its cars. Thanks to its very advantageous after-sales services, it always ensures the "well-being" of vehicles sold at Lombardi Honda.


When something happened to a car bought from Lombardi Honda, this dealer will repair it as soon as possible, with Genuine Honda Parts that have been designed and rigorously tested for quality and durability of the product while ensuring excellent vehicle performance. And like any good parent, Lombardi Honda does not let anyone touch its child: only Honda-trained Technicians have the honour of handling your vehicle.

Maintenance and Multipoint Inspection

If you go to your doctor for a gastrointestinal infection, there is little chance that he will ask you to do a scan of your knee. Lombardi Honda does it differently. Like any good parent, Lombardi Honda can have peace of mind as long as it is not sure that its children are in good shape. That's why at every service visit, whether it's for an oil change or a change of tiresHonda Lombardi performs a multipoint inspection absolutely FREE of charge. Upon request, we also check the condition of your battery to avoid any inconvenience caused by a weak or exhausted battery.

Lowest Price Guarantee on Tires

You do not have to do the tire shopping because we make sure to offer you the lowest price on a wide selection of tires. If you find tires advertised elsewhere at a lower price than us, come back within 30 days from the date of purchase and you will be refunded the difference. Some conditions apply.

Lifetime Warranty on Brake Pads

Child safety is the primary concern of parents, and that is why Lombardi Honda attaches great importance to the proper functioning of the brakingsystem of its vehicles. Whenever you purchase and install selected Genuine Honda replacement brake pads at Lombardi Honda, all future replacement brake pads for the same brake component system will be free of charge, for as long as you own the vehicle.

Lowest Price Guarantee on Filter Change and OW-20 Oil Change

Just like tires, we ensure that you will not find better price elsewhere for OW-20 oil change and filter change. This oil, highly recommended by Honda, is a full synthetic formula that allows cleaner running engine thanks to its thin viscosity, reducing engine operating temperatures, increasing cold start protection, and reducing friction to promote lower fuel consumption.

In short, whatever your after-sale needs might be, come back to papa (Lombardi Honda in Montreal), and you can be sure to be greeted with open arms!