Do we really have to keep praising the mythical Honda Civic? Apparently, yes. Not satisfied with “just” producing the best-selling – and arguably the most reliable – car in North America, Honda decided to further improve a model already close to perfection by including cutting-edge technologies at an unbeatable price. The 2017 Honda Civic EX just won this year Kelley Blue Book’s Best Auto Tech Value AwardLombardi Honda, your Honda car dealer from Montreal, near both the North and the South Shores, is proud to present to you this remarkable vehicle.


An affordable sedan with advanced features


It’s pretty easy to find a car with a highly-advanced technological environment… but not at a Civic’s price. Without increasing noticeably the cost of this vehicle that fits pretty much everybody’s budget, Honda managed to incorporate in the 2017 Honda Civic EX (equipped with the Sensing package) a lane departure warning and a lane-keep assist; an adaptive cruise control; a forward-collision warning that will automatically stop the car if it comes to close to the vehicle in front of you; a multiangle backup camera and another one to see under the car! Purchasing a 2017 Honda Civic EX with the Sensing Package is buying a vehicle with advanced, semi-autonomous technology features at an almost laughable price considering what the competition is asking for comparable specs!


No compromise on performance


Honda didn’t drop the ball on performance either: the 2017 Honda Civic Ex comes with a 2-liter engine that can produce a reasonable 158 HP. The two transmissions available, the 6-speed manual and the automatic gearbox, are among the best that you can find on the intermediary sedans’ market, right now. Performance lover can also go for the 1.5-liter, turbocharged engine offered on Sport models and capable of delivering more than 170 horsepower.


lombardi honda civic ex 2017 specs en cta

You already knew that Honda Civic are proven values, you now have the reassurance that the 2017 Honda Civic EX is simply the car that gives you the best bang for your buck on all fronts, including the technological one. Don’t waste a second: run to Lombardi Honda, your Honda car dealer of Montreal, near both the North and the South shores, to try this truly exceptional vehicle.