Which is the best Honda? The car manufacturer announces the arrival of the new Honda Civic Type R as the most powerful Type R car yet. Want to know more?

Lombardi Honda Montréal updates you on all the details: from the Honda Civic Type R price to some of its technical specifications, you’ll get important information on Honda’s new vehicle!

Honda Civic Type R, a Brief History of the Series

Car fans already know this—the Honda Civic is appreciated for its reliability, but more importantly, it has created a culture that brings together car modification fans around the world. Civic generations have come and gone since 1972, celebrating its eleventh generation in 2021.

Seeing a growing interest in powerful vehicles with eye-catching styling and design, Honda is meeting expectations with the Honda Civic Type R, now in its sixth generation since its introduction in 1997.

The 2023 Honda Civic release date has not yet been broadcasted, but a Honda Civic hybrid vehicle is planned for early 2023.

The Honda Civic Type R has a lot to offer, both inside and out: let’s find out without further ado!

A Revised Body for the 2023 Honda Civic Type R

The bodywork of this new generation Civic adapts to the demands of its time! By dropping the very defined body angles that were part of the car’s aesthetics, Honda opts instead for a body with more rounded curves that don’t affect its sporty appearance.

With this type of car, performance and good looks are even more important considerations than usual, and Honda is up to it! Auto123 shares its thoughts on the 2023 Civic Type R:

“[…] [T]he new Type R benefits from a lighter body and increased rigidity, which improves its stability at high speeds. The model responds better than ever to its driver’s commands, says Honda[1].”

Premium Interior

Inside the vehicle, the refinement is part of the plan! Honda (literally) rolls out the red carpet with these interior assets:

  • Sport seats
  • Bose sound system
  • An updated infotainment system

The infotainment system provides all the necessary information when you’re out on the track if you want to assess your performance: temperature, pressure, speed, stopwatch … it’s all there!

Red accents are found throughout the cabin, in addition to a plaque facing the front passenger seat showing the production number of the R-type. Whether you have the hundredth or the thousandth Honda Civic Type R, you’ll know it in the blink of an eye!

With these changes, Honda reaffirms its desire to bring together fans of powerful cars by giving them access to a vehicle designed for city driving, road driving, but especially, track driving!

2023 Honda Civic Type R Price

The 2023 Honda Civic Type R price is still unrevealed, but let’s review the 2021 Honda Civic Type R specs to get an idea of what to expect:

   Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) – 2021 model   

   46 200 $ - 54 600 $  (new model)     


 Six-speed manual 


  Sporty compact


 306 horsepower/295 lb-ft 


 2.0-litre, 4-cylinder Turbo 

 Fuel consumption (city/highway) 

 8,4-10,5 L/100 km

  Performance (0-100 / 80-120 km/h)

 6,2 / 4,9 seconds

Precise information is filtering out very slowly, but Guillaume Rivard of The Car Guide shares with us the expectations and tests conducted to evaluate the driving performance of the 2023 Honda Civic Type R:

“The next Civic Type R therefore needs to up the ante. That’s exactly what Honda engineers are working on right now, pushing the car to high speeds at Suzuka Circuit in Japan a few weeks after doing the same thing on Germany’s Nürburgring.”

Specific features are not yet available, but we can at least state that people looking for a new sporty driving experience will be more than satisfied!

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