The quality of the service we have been offering our customers for more than 45 years is not just about selling or renting vehicles. It is also and above all a team of experienced technicians who ensure that you and your vehicle receive the very best.

At Lombardi, your Honda Montreal dealer, near the North Shore and the South Shore of Montreal, our primary obsession is about the quality of Honda service. Considering the rapid technological innovation we all have to live with, our technicians are required to follow continuous trainings that allow them to answer all the requests.

An Exceptional Quality

Since the changes are so many and happen so fast, Honda relies on the dynamic learning of distance training, but also and especially in the classroom. In addition, Lombardi Honda technicians take small group immersion courses on the latest innovations and features of the new vehicles. Since they're placed in groups of 6 to 8 technicians, they can interact with trainers and practice in live what they have just learned. They are thus allowed to develop their abilities, to respond more easily to new developments and to ensure that they master the learnings they have received.
This Japanese way of creating classes with a human dimension encourages exchanges and practice. Thus, learning is no longer passive, but dynamic and allow our technicians to excel in the classroom and in practical workshops.
On a daily basis, a Honda technician, with ETECH technology, has an unlimited access to the latest service publications, product and software updates, and real-time technical support from Honda technicians around the world to share and exchange information, as well as find optimal solutions live.
There is no doubt that Honda technicians are not only well equipped to meet the needs of their customers, but they have all the tools to offer exceptional quality service. With ETECH, you will obtain the necessary software revisions via a wireless connection while other maintenance tasks are getting done.
From now on, the diagnostic system communicates with a vehicle via a gateway and can search all relevant service publications to solve the problems affecting your vehicle. We can identify the source of the problem and fix it quickly.
At Lombardi Honda, our technicians work in a state-of-the-art environment equipped with the latest, cutting-edge equipment. No one can service your Honda vehicle as well as our technicians.

Lombardi, a Legend in Montreal

For more than 45 years, Lombardi Honda has been providing exceptional service to all its customers. The service we provide you with is the key to our success. We are always looking to excel, to offer you the best, meet your needs, treat you with respect and make sure all your questions are properly answered. In short, we offer you a customer experience worthy of Lombardi Honda.
At Lombardi Honda, your dealer par excellence in the Montreal area, near the North Shore and the South Shore, we offer new and second hand Honda vehicles. Offering exceptional service also means having experts in our service department. Our customer service representative knows how to enhance your customer experience and will make every effort to ensure your satisfaction.
Come now to Lombardi. With our new facilities, you will be able to see the seriousness of our approach and our willingness to make you discover all our products. We are waiting for you right now.
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