It's almost there: the nice weather and the festivals will soon go away and be replaced by colder temperatures, winter clothing, and snowy roads. So it's time to check your home's insulation, dust off your winter shoes and boots... and prepare your Honda for the harsh temperature that is coming. Lombardi Honda, your Montreal car dealer located near both the North and the South Shore, is where you should go today if you own a vehicle of this brand!

Expertise Can’t Be Faked

If Honda-branded vehicles are now common enough on our roads for most mechanics to be familiar with them and therefore able to work on them in a more or less correct way, why settle for "most" and "more or less" correct? Your car is probably your second most important asset after your condo or your house, if you own it, so it would be a shame not to maximize its resale value by dealing with experts used to work specifically on your model. If this logical argument is not enough for you, you should know that Lombardi Honda’s Service Center is recommended by CAA-Quebec. So you can’t go wrong, entrust your vehicle to the experts who work at this Service Center as winter approaches!

Winter Tires Are Not Optional

As you know, you have to swap your summer tires for winter’s by December 15 (or even earlier, as soon as the temperature drops significantly), but there are always smart guys trying to get away with 4-season tires. Do not be one of them, first because it's illegal, and second because 4-season tires are absolutely not valid substitutes for real winter tires: 4season tires offer a "normal" traction that is perfect for average road conditions. Needless to say, in winter, roads in Quebec do not fall into this category and therefore you need tires with deeper grooves and capable of delivering optimized traction for cold weather driving. In addition, the tread of 4-season tires tends to stiffen as the temperature drops, compromising the grip of your vehicle on the road, while winter tires remains very flexible, even during the cold weather. Finally, unlike other types of tires, winter’s tires are designed to ride in the snow and ice, which is essential in Quebec.

Do not neglect the maintenance of your vehicle as winter approaches, and do not try to make small savings that will ultimately cost you a lot of time and trouble: if you drive a Honda-branded vehicle, make an appointment at Lombardi Honda’s Service Center, your Montreal car dealer located near both the North and the South Shore.

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