In the years to come, car manufacturers will ramp up their efforts to propose more innovative, better performing and “greener” cars. Honda is one of the main players in this arena and unveiled just a few weeks ago the 2019 Honda Insight at the North American Auto Show. Lombardi Honda, your Honda car dealer from Montreal, near both the North and the South Shores, will let you know a bit more about this jewel that will certainly catch a lot of eyes when it’ll hit the road.

A responsible but performant future

Honda puts the bar high with its 2019 Insight. Brace yourself: its engine only consumes about 4.7 L/100 km, making this car a serious competitor to other hybrid vehicles. Its powertrain is made of a 1.5-liter Atkinson cycle engine and an electrical engine, and the latter is the primary unit by design. This constitutes a technological feat that propels Honda into a new era, an era where fuel consumption is to be kept to a bare minimum. On the outside, the 2019 Insight displays a futuristic look, thanks to the expanded wings on its front grille, its lowered body and its dynamic, yet sober, figure.

A vehicle filled with technologies

Driving the 2019 Honda Insight will be a safe experience, first and foremost, thanks to the large array of safety features that come stock, including the Honda sensing suite that has a collision warning system, a lane assist system, an automatic braking system, etc. There is a new feature: a sign-recognition system will help drivers react to signs they may have misinterpreted. The back seats are completely folding, which allows you to change your small car into a SUV in a matter of seconds. Honda didn’t overlook any details, from the safety to the comfort while keeping the environment in mind.

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