The specialized magazine Car and Driver has recently published its annual 10Best Cars for 2023. At Honda, the hard work last year has clearly paid off, since we find two of the brand’s models among the winners: The Civic and the Accord. 

Today, we’ll tell you more about the awards, including what’s new about these two cars and their specifications in 2023.

The Honda Accord Is Beating Records

We can say that the Honda Accord is a regular on 10Best Cars. Indeed, it’s the car that has the won the most often a spot on the list. With the 2023 Honda Accord, we’re at its 37th distinction, a record! 

Moreover, it’s the model’s 25th consecutive year on the list, more evidence that Honda gets it right every time. According to Car and Driver,

“Today it’s the best family sedan money can buy.”

The list of the Accord’s strengths include:

  • Its fuel economy
  • Its sporty style
  • Its performance
  • Its practical and comfortable character

Indeed, its spacious cabin and rear seat makes it a comfortable car for 5 adult occupants. For those looking for the perfect family sedan, the Honda Accord for sale is what you need.

Moreover, it’s specifically because of this model that Honda is the most awarded brand in the history of 10Best Cars! Car and Driver has been drawing up this list every year since 1983, and not a year has gone by without Honda receiving an award. 

In total, in 40 years, the Japanese brand has received 68 distinctions!

The Honda Civic Stands Out

No one can deny the success of the Honda Civic: For 24 years now, it has been the bestselling vehicle in Canada, if we exclude trucks and SUVs. This year, the brand offers a Honda Civic sedan, a hatchback and different powertrain possibilities. 

For that matter, it’s on this very point that the 2023 Honda Civic is now more interesting than ever. The 11th generation seduced the Car and Driver team with its design and personality, but also with the addition of an all-new trim, the Type R. 

Which Honda Civic to buy? The truth is, the magazine’s experts say that the entire lineup won them over:

“We’re awarding the entire Civic lineup because every model in the range offers value and greatness. Even the most sensible models […] are a joy to drive.”

Whether you’re looking for the most affordable model, or a more high-performance model like the Type R with its 315 horsepower, anything on the Civic lineup is an excellent choice, and the magazine celebrates the whole lineup as an achievement.  

The Civic’s 11th Generation 

In 2022, the Honda Civic entered a new generation, and it was greatly refreshed and modernized. The real news this year is the arrival of the 2023 Honda Civic Type R, the new addition to the lineup after 2022’s Honda Civic Si.  

Besides the 315 horsepower delivered by its turbocharged engine, this sporty trim has a suspension calibrated for racing circuits. You can therefore expect even more thrills this time around. 

In total, 4 powertrains are now available on the Honda Civic:





2.0 L 4-cylinders

158 horsepower

138 lb.-ft.

CVT or Manual 6-speed

1.5 L turbo 4-cylinders

180 horsepower

177 lb.-ft.

CVT or Manual 6-speed

1.5 L turbo 4-cylinders (Si)

200 horsepower

192 lb.-ft.

Manual 6-speed

2.0 L turbo 4-cylinders (Type R)

315 horsepower

310 lb.-ft.

Manual 6-speed

The Honda Accord, a Sophisticated Choice

The Honda Accord sedan stands out with its refined design and its spacious and comfortable cabin. Several powertrain choices are available: 

  • 1.5 L turbocharged 4-cylinders delivering 192 horsepower / 192 lb.-ft. of torque
  • 2.0 L turbocharged 4-cylinders generating 252 horsepower / 273 lb.-ft. of torque
  • Hybrid powertrain with 212 horsepower

Not only the hybrid powertrain is high performance, but it gives you a combined fuel economy of only 5.0 L/100 km (5.5 L with the Touring trim)!

As for the 2.0 L optional engine, it comes with an effective 10-speed transmission that delivers optimal performance. 

Whether you choose the Honda Accord, or the Honda Civic for sale, or any other of the brand’s cars, you can be certain of their outstanding safety and reliability. The distinctions Car and Driver awarded to these cars on their 10Best confirms it! 

Get your next Honda vehicle at your Honda dealership in Montreal, close to the North Shore and the South Shore. The Lombardi Honda team is waiting for you! 

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