This 10th edition of the Honda Civic that we had the opportunity to try over the past few days has finally arrived at Lombardi Honda dealer in Montreal, Laval, North Shore, and South Shore. Note that the Honda Civic represents approximately 40% of 

Honda sales, an astronomical amount considering the range of highly diverse cars offered by the manufacturer.

The 2017 Honda Civic proposed a significantly redesigned look and a new turbo engine.  Without these two major changes, fans might freak out. No need to worry. Honda Canada did its homework. The new Civic is ready to please new buyers without deceiving former fans. In other words, despite the several modifications, the essence of the car, its personality, is preserved. If you like today’s Civic, you will love tomorrow’s Civic. Our car experts at Lombardi tested this new toy and here is their verdict:A high-power turbo. The biggest change in this redesigned Civic is its turbo engine. Specifically, it is a four turbo cylinders engine of 1.5-liter with 174 horsepower and 162 lb-ft of torque, which is activated at 1800r / min. First observation: there is no hesitation from the turbocharger when you hit the right pedal. The continuously variable transmission (CVT), the only one with this performance, is nicer than most of the mechanical transmissions. It acts like a traditional automatic transmission in many situations making you practically forget about its existence. Finally, the 2017 Honda Civic turbo engine reaches 100 km / h in less than 8 seconds. What a breathtaking drive!

New design, cutting edge interior

honda civic 2017 come see it at your lombardi dealer honda in montreal

A single look at this 2017 Civic is enough to confirm that we are dealing with a model worthy of its name. The changes are dramatic, and they will turn all car connoisseurs’ head. During our road tests in Montreal, we are proud to say that the 2017 Civic provides a similar driving position to the Audi TT, since the position of the driver’s thigh is at the same level as in this sport car. Once in, you will experience the comfort of the vehicle, and you will enjoy a quiet ride. The noise of the engine is almost inaudible whether the engine is running or it is on standby. Besides, you’ll discover, as we did, that the inside of the car is more spacious than the previous version and greater than what you can find in the Toyota Corolla and even in the new Camry, amongst others. The trunk is also very spacious. If space is your priority, the 2017 Civic will meet all your needs.

The interior features of this new car also earn points. The central screen is very stylish, just like the rest of the dashboard, with a high quality finish found everywhere in this vehicle. Let’s have a look at this 7 inches central screen, available in all LX models or higher. The graphic lines are highly refined and the integrated touch screen menus are of rare elegance. The various functions, including the air conditioning and the sound system, can be controlled through a touch screen panel. They are easy to use in complete safety. Japanese design finds its highest expression!
As for
the used technology, the Civic proposed a range of exclusivities, like the LaneWatch system, a device that our specialists at Lombardi particularly appreciate for its display of the right blind spot on the central screen whenever the right-hand turn signal is activated. This car is also equipped with a wireless charging system for your mobile devices. A system called Brake Hold keeps the brakes activated even if you remove your foot off the pedal. This is useful in urban driving, as on the streets of Montreal.

honda civic 2017 come see it at your lombardi dealer honda in montreal


The 2017 Honda Civic 2017 is OUR Civic. The Alliston factory, where this Civic is manufactured, has actually been entrusted with the responsibility to develop processes and production strategies that will be taken up by other Honda 

factories around the world. It is also at Alliston’s that the first 2017 Civic was launched. This is the first time that a manufacture outside of Japan receives that much responsibility and scope. When you know the importance of the model, we must admit that it is quite an honor for our manufacturer.

Once arrived at Lombardi, the 2017 Honda Civic has been carefully tested and examined by our team of specialists. It meets all our standards of excellence. Your turn, car lovers, to discover the brand new redesigned 2017 Honda Civic, with an exclusive range of technologies at the forefront of the XXI century. Come now for a test drive of this breathtaking vehicle! Pass by our financing department, so you could leave with the keys!

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