Did your family just recently get bigger and will you have to take this into account while choosing your next vehicle? Would you say that in your eyes, a family car shouldn’t be deprived of style and functionality? You’re completely right. Mini-vans are not what they used to be and the Honda Odyssey 2018 is a prime example of that. You and your family should go pay a visit at Lombardi Honda, located in Montreal, near both the North and the South shore of the island, so you can see for yourself and try your next family vehicle.

The Odyssey 2018: drive your family safely

Because it goes without saying that your family’s safety is paramount, the Odyssey 2018’s manufacturer dedicated quite some time to make sure that all your passengers reach the destination safe and sound. Honda Sensing is the name given to the group of security features embedded in the Odyssey 2018. They include a lane (or road) exit monitor, an advanced anti-collision braking system, anti-fog lights, a blind spot hazards detector (optional on selected models only) and of course a multiple-angles rear camera. Are you having some troubles keeping the kids quiet back there during long trips? Between Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, the multiple USB ports available on all models and the possibility to turn on the hotspot capability of the car to change it into a giant modem on wheels, you will have more than enough to keep your little monsters busy! Wait, it’s not enough? Go for the touring, then (which obviously comes with all the features of the three others models, namely the LX, the EX and the EX-L) and take advantage of an additional entertainment system (a 10.2 inches screen located in the cabin’s roof for the satisfaction of the people on the back seats). This should allow you to keep all your attention on the road while the kids are focused on the screen.

Performance and comfort for the whole family

Because being a parent doesn’t necessarily mean saying goodbye to all the small pleasures in your life, the Honda Odyssey 2018 comes by default with a gratifying 6-cylinder3.5-liter engine that generates a fairly powerful 280 HP. Your (potentially) 6 passengers will feel at home in the spacious, comfortable cabin built with a great attention to details. Heated front seats (and mirrors), weather control by zone, sunshields for all the seat rows, etc.

The Odyssey 2018, available at Lombardi Honda, is the family car in which you’ll love drive your kids while looking at them playing in the back seats. Go at once visit Lombardi Honda for a test drive!