Honda Accord: A grade of 5/5 from Protégez-vous!


What makes the Honda Accord so popular? It has become a sort of a separate entity, since Honda Canada hasn’t even needed to focus on marketing this car and it still sells. That’s why the magazine Protégez-Vous gives it a grade of 5 out of 5 on their evaluation of pre-owned cars, appearing in April 2016. Let’s take a tour of its complete range of advantages. 

The advantagesused honda accord ex-l navi with hfp kit and wheels in montreal near anjou

Like many Honda models, the Honda Accord is very advantageous in terms of long-term costs, since its fuel consumption is low, making it among the most economical car at the pump among its competitors. That’s also why the Honda Accord often sells quickly, even for $2,000 more than a Toyota Camry. With time, this small amount becomes an investment that will bring you big savings. Its price is great, and is its supple white used 2010 sedan honda accord in lavalengine, maneuverability, smooth assembly, and very good reliability brings it lots of fans. As a bonus, the Honda Accord has a firmer movement and a sportier comportment, for a stabler drive than the Toyota Camry. The difference in price between a base model and a fully equipped model is pretty constant, no matter the age of the car. The 2014 hybrid version can travel short distances in electric mode. In general, the Honda Accord has excellent rust resistance. 

The inconvenients

The Honda Accord is rare on the used market, but it's quite understandable because of these many benefits. As soon as a used Honda Accord is on sale, it is sold right away. She received very few complaints. Its main weakness is in its over-consumption of engine oil 4-cylinder, but Honda has tried to catch up by extending the engine warranty to 7 years / 160 000 km for over-consumption. Some people do not like their front seats, which are low and firm, but it is a matter of rather subjective taste. A test drive is required.

The Honda Accord is sold at a very reasonable price and enjoys a reputation for reliability and good resale value. Those who want to purchase a pre-owned car must seriously consider the Honda Accord, knowing that it will not disappoint anyone. Contact your dealer, Lombardi Honda, in Montreal, to learn more about our pre-owned Honda vehicles! And the vehicle could be uor quicker with their numerous financing options like the 2nd and 3rd chance.

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