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New 2024 Civic Sedan LX-B CVT in Montreal

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2.0 L
4 Cylinder Engine
158 CH
with torque of 138 lb-pi
UP TO 6 L/100 km
on the road
Engine type 4 Cylinder Engine
Number of cylinders 4 Cylinder Engine/en ligne
Horsepower SAE net 158 à 6500 tr/min
Torque SAE net lb. ft. 138 à 4200 tr/min
Fuel system Sequential MPI
Recommended fuel Gasoline Fuel
Highway 6 L/100 km
City 7.7 L/100 km
4 Cylinder Engine 1302.75
Wheelbase (in) 107.7
Overall length (in) 183.3
Overall width (in) (including mirrors) 70.9
Overall height (in) 55.7
Track (fr/rr) (in) 60.9/62
Turning circle, curb-to-curb (m) 11.13
Headroom (fr/rr) (in) 39.3/37.1
Legroom (fr/rr) (in) 42.3/37.4
Shoulder room (fr/rr) (in) 57/56
Seating 5

All-Season Floor Mats - $233

The extended sidewalls of the High Wall All-Season Floor Mats add extra protection to shield your original carpets from the wear and tear of everyday driving.

Carpet Floor Mats - $358

Providing the ultimate protection, Carpet Floor Mats are the perfect fit for your Civic. These rugged carpet mats take the abuse while your original carpet stays like new.

Cargo Hook - $44

Avoid having to pick up groceries and other items that have spilled out of their bags and scattered all around the trunk.

Cargo Net - $138

The Cargo Net helps keep your grocery bags upright and holds most loose items securely in place.

Door Sill Protection Film - $201

The Door Sill Protection Film helps provide the lower door lining with protection from scuffing. Includes front and rear films. Includes front and rear films.

Illuminated Door Sill Trim - $521

The Illuminated Door Sill Trim dresses up the interior while helping protect the lower door sill from scuff marks. Includes front and rear trims. Front illumination only.

Rear Passenger Window Shade - $306

The Rear Passenger Window Shade provides added comfort for your rear seated passengers by shielding them from the sun’s heat and glare. Includes left and right side shade.

Trunk Tray - $188

The things you haul in your trunk often spill, leave stains, or otherwise mar the original carpeting, making a Trunk Tray a wise investment.

Trunk Tray Dividers - $123

Small items will stay right where you put them, neat and organized, with these easy-to-use Trunk Tray Dividers.

Ashtray - Cupholder Type - $54

Front seat passengers can enjoy the added convenience of an ashtray.

Body Side Moulding - $368

Body Side Moulding accentuates the styling of the Civic and is ideally positioned where the side panel extends out the most, in order to help protect against door dings and scratches.

Decklid Spoiler - $521

The Decklid Spoiler adds a subtle, tasteful enhancement that makes a big contribution to the sleek aerodynamics of your Civic.

Door Edge Film - $162

Help protect against unsightly nicks and scrapes around your door edges.

Door Edge Guard - $198

Door Edge Guards help protect your doors from nicks and scrapes that can be expensive to repair.

Door Handle Film - $122

Transparent urethane film in the well of the door handle helps safeguard the paint finish from unsightly scratches from nails, jewelry, and keys.

Door Visors - Black with Stainless Steel Moulding - $366

A great way to enjoy some fresh air even when the weather may not be ideal.

Emblem - H-Mark & Civic - $312

The bold feature of the Gloss Black Emblems not only completes your Civic's original unique exterior style, but also accentuates it. Includes Front and Rear H-Mark.

Emblem - HPD - $76

The bold feature of the Gloss Black Emblems not only completes your Civic's original unique exterior style, but also accentuates it.

Engine Block Heater - $336

An Engine Block Heater will start your Honda faster in freezing weather and greatly reduce wear and tear on your battery and engine.

Hood Protector - $399

Individualize your Civic by giving it a sportier look with a Hood Protector. It redirects dirt, insects, and minor road debris to help keep the windshield clean and protect the hood’s finish.

Optimate 12V Auto Battery Charger/Maintainer - $133

Extended battery life by charging/maintaining a Honda battery to ideal charge levels.

Rear Bumper Applique - $135

The Rear Bumper Applique provides extra protection when loading and unloading the trunk.

Rear Splash Guard - $143

Rear Splash Guards are a nice finishing touch. They give your Civic a great look and help protect your paint from chips and stains.

Touch-Up Paint Pen - $17

Matched to your original paint colour, keep the Touch-Up Paint Pen on hand to conveniently cover minor scratches should they occur.

Underbody Spoiler, Front - HPD - $518

Turn heads with accentuated aerodynamic styling created by the Front Underbody Spoiler. It adds a sleek, sporty, low-profile custom look.

Underbody Spoiler, Side - HPD - $708

Turn heads with accentuated aerodynamic styling created by the Side Underbody Spoiler. It adds a sleek, sporty, low-profile custom look.

Wheel Locks - Black - $111

A great way to help ensure that your wheels stay on your Civic where they belong.

Wheel Locks - Chrome - $85

A great way to help ensure that your wheels stay on your Civic where they belong.

Wheel Lug Nuts - Black - $94

Create a different look with a set of black lug nuts. Each package has a quantity of 4 lugs.

Underbody Spoiler, Rear - HPD - $444

Turn heads with accentuated aerodynamic styling created by the Rear Underbody Spoiler. It adds a sleek, sporty, low-profile custom look.

Aero Kit - HPD - $1,540

Package includes: HPD branded Front, Side, and Rear Underbody Spoilers.

Cold Weather Package - 2.0L - $455

Package includes: Engine Block Heater and Auto Battery Charger/Maintainer. Packaged together with a 5% discount.

Protection Package - All-Season - $564

Package includes: All-Season Floor Mats, Rear Splash Guards, and Trunk Tray.

Protection Package - Film - $580

Package includes: Door Edge, Door Handle, Door Sill Protection Films, and Rear Bumper Applique.

Protection Package - Organization - $666

Package includes: All-Season Floor Mats, Cargo Hook, Cargo Net, Trunk Tray, and Trunk Tray Dividers.

Style Package - Stainless Steel - $820

Package includes: Black Door Visors with Stainless Steel Moulding and Illuminated Door Sill Trim.

16” Enkei M52 Wheels & Michelin X-ICE Snow Tire Package - $2,063

These attractive & custom Enkei M52 wheels are hub centric and compatible with your factory lug nuts. Compliment these wheels with the Michelin X-ICE Snow tires for the ultimate traction & style during our Canadian winters. In addition, purchasing a set of 4 Michelin X-ICE Snow tires at the time of a new vehicle purchase or lease qualifies for a $70 consumer rebate.

Black Emblem Set - CIVIC - $367

L’ensemble inclut : Emblèmes noirs lustrés - Logo « H » et CIVIC, et emblème - HPD.

Wash Bucket Detailing Kit - $38

Available while supplies last! Contact your dealer for more details. Wash bucket contents include: 1 pail with lid, 1 container of Wash & Wax, 1 container of Glass Cleaner, 1 container of Leather, Vinyl & Upholstery Cleaner, 1 wash mitt, 1 chamois.



This generation of Civic Sedan perfects the drive of previous generations without compromising its soul: an inspired and exciting drive.

Honda Civic Sedan 2024


When you purchase a Honda Civic Sedan 2024 vehicle, you can enjoy distinctive styling, powerful driving dynamics and advanced safety features not to mention they are packed with technology and connectivity features.

Honda Civic Sedan 2024


The Honda Civic Sedan is known for its impressive features, sleek design and excellent performance. With the new Honda vehicles available at our dealership, you'll find some of the latest technology on board. They will make you proud to own a Honda 2024.

Honda Civic Sedan 2024


The growing popularity of Honda vehicles over the past few years and the reputation for offering excellent vehicles at an affordable price are just a few of the reasons to choose a Honda 2024. With an updated interior and a technology interface that offers a simple and efficient experience, comfort and connectivity are a must!

Honda Civic Sedan 2024
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